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Randy T, Rockin Rodney, The Wig Out Man, Engineer Dan.

1-    It’s Going Down                                     Andre Lee

2-    San Miguel                                            Delbert McClinton

3-    Be With The One You Love                 The Embers Featuring Craig Woolard

4-   Been In The storm Too Long                Sonja Grier

5-  Almost Mine                                             Reverend Bubba Deliverance

6-   Blown By The Breeze                           Don Wise

7-  Back In Love                                            Roy Roberts

8-   Castaways                                              Tommy Plyler/Jerry West

9-   Shoulda’ Been Loving You                   Gary Lowder and Smokin’ Hot

10- I Do Love You                                         Lesa Hudson

11- Won’t Go Home                                     Sea Cruz

12- Summertime Fun                                   .Andy Swindell

13- Barefootin’                                              Scotty McCreary

14- Without Question                                   Mingo Fishtrap

15- We Are Beach Music                            Various

16- Mailbox Money                                      Downchild Blues Band

17- Girl With The Coke Bottle Frame        Nelson Curry

18- Old Time Saturday Night                      R. Mark Black

19- Drive Time                                              Jim Quick and Coastline

20- Never Throw Your Dreams Away        Rhonda McDaniel

21- Dark Side Of Love                                 Calvin Richardson

22- Solve Your Mystery                               Maria Howell

23- Beach Vacation                                      Archie Bell/Embers

24- Doorknob And A Mop                           The Holiday Band

25- Don’t Let Her Go                                    Jack Mack And The Heart Attack Horns