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Randy T, Rockin Rodney, The Wig Out Man, Engineer Dan.

1-  She’s Sixty                                                     The Pelicans

 2-  Kiss On My List                                           Gary Lowder/Steve Edmonds 

 3-  Hearts                                                            J. D. Cash

 4- Justify                                                             Steve Owens and Summertime

 5- Sending Out An SOS                                 Lesa Hudson

 6- The Hunt                                                       Delbert McClinton

 7- Shagging The Strand                                 Doyle Wood/Jim Quick

 8- Satisfied                                                   Soul Pak

 9- You Don’t Say                                              Phil Wilson

10- One More                                                    Randy Clay Band

11- Got The Rythm                                          TMS

12- Little Miss Night and Day                    Boz Scggs

13- Hurry Up Summer                                    Marsha Morgan

14- So Sensual                                                   Embers/Craig Woolard

15- Lonely Girl                                                   Truetones/Shana Black

16- Who’s Loving You                                     Mark Black

17- Fine                                                                Lenny Williams

18- Freight Train                                          Fantastic Shakers

19- Can’t Hold Back                                         Sonja Grier

20-Second Time Around                               Steve Owens and Summertime

21- I Won’t Give Up                                        Andre Lee

21-  My Angel Baby                                         Lakeside Drive Band

22-This One’s For The People                      FAB

23-Fanny Brown                                               Big Time

24-Got My MOJO Working                          Embers/John Ellison

25-I Can’t Go For That                                    The Entertainers


Riding The Wave

There’s No Getting Over You                                                        Barry Duke

The Long Way Around                                                                    Sonja Grier