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Music, music and more music: SOS Spring Safari wraps up with more new music being released than we have seen in the Beach world in quite some time. Both Clifford Curry (Cold Beer, Hot Women) and Tim Cashion (Feeturing)  have new albums out. The legendary Clifford's is a combination of previously released singles as well as new material. Tim's includes collaborations with Terri Gore, Gary Brown, Earl Dawkins as well as brothers Pat and Joe Cashion.........The Boulevard Boys, which consists of former Ember/Band of Oz member John Thompson and former Poor Soul stalwart Roger Smith, have just released Originals, ten tracks of all original material as written by Roger...........



KHP Records has their first compilation of 2015 out entitled Movin' -N- Groovin',  new Beach music with the title track sung by former Castaway and Fabulous Daddy'O's band member Phil Wilson. Advance single releases already making the charts include:  I'll Know (When The Right One Comes Along) by Sonja Grier, Love Again from Tim Cashion, This Girl Needs A Tune Up by the Marsha Morgan Band, Tears Of Love from Jim Quick,  Dance Tonight by the Blackwater R&B Band, She Wants Me from Boulevard Boys  as well as the title track from Phil. There are also outstanding tunes from new Hip Pocket member Dustin York, Nicol Andrews, Paul Craver, Jackie Gore, KB & the Shifters, Midnight Allie and Angel Rissoff. Another KHP compilation, Take A Walk In The Sunshine, will be coming out very soon.........



Sisbro Records has released Carolina Shag VI and Carolina Shag VII.  Already charting from VI is Lesa Hudson's Get Your Feet On The Floor, Music Machine's  You Gonna Know It, Lomax with Swing It, Winzell Kelly's #1 Love and I Want It All Back from Gary Lowder & Smokin' Hot. Additional hot tracks include songs from Rick Strickland, Craig Woolard, The Embers, Mojo Blues Band, Andy King and Big Joe Maher. The charting hits from VII include Ms. Jody's The Rock, Mighty Saints Of Soul with I Fell In Love as well as Mark Black and Keith Stone's duet of Rise. There are also tunes from Rick Strickland, Lesa Hudson, Fat Jack Band, Lomax, Steve Edmunds, Andy King, OB Buchana and Joe Graziano...............


Bo the Webguy certainly does not let grass grow under his feet! Based on online hits and feedback on his website, he has decided to publish a monthly list of the Top 30 Beach artists. To be fair, the concept may be the earlier product of Coastline band members Casey Meyer and Albert Rogers, who started doing a recent video ranking of what they considered to be the top bands. We do applaud Bo for doing this - it will definitely spark a great deal of conversation and stimulate interest in the coming months. In looking at Bo's most recent list, some thoughts/questions come to mind:


Should an artist/band be in this list if they don't really call themselves a Beach music artist and only play a very small amount of what would be considered Beach music in their live sets?  Yes and No answers follow.

Yes, because they book shows/fill venues that are considered to be Beach clubs/festivals outdoor concerts etc. that would ordinarily be filled by groups/individuals that do consider themselves to be Beach artists.

No, because they do NOT want to be called a Beach artist and therefore play as little Beach music as possible in their gigs.  Both Yes and No are pretty good points I think.


Another question comes to mind: Are all the artists that consider themselves to be Beach eligible here to receive votes? Well, Bo has provided a way to insure that all artists are listed in his 'Beach Music Artist Schedules' page BUT they do have to sign themselves up. For example, I do not see Tim Cashion, Paul Craver, Phil Wilson, Fat Jack Band, Mighty Saints Of Soul, Terri Gore, Shag Doctorz, North Tower etc. Some artists do not really have tour schedules to load, but they are definitely in the Beach genre. Hopefully these and others that are not currently there will sign up in order to receive online hits and be part of the monthly survey.



It is most definitely Beach music festival time  -  I had the pleasure of

MC ing/hosting a big two day event this past weekend. The Second Annual Bass Mountain Boogie was held Friday evening and all day Saturday at the Cane Creek Campground in Snow Camp, NC, which is in Alamance County about 10 miles south of Burlington. Owners John and Natalie Maness have a beautiful setting on several acres with an outdoor stage that is ideal to hold such an event. Campers and non-campers alike came to enjoy eight bands, lots of food and product vendors and a continuous stream of outstanding music. The gang from the TV reality series Lizard Lick Towing were among the vendors.  DJ extraordinaire Bob Graves provided Beach and Shag music in between the band live sets. Heavy rain earlier in the day Friday only made us more determined to make this outdoor event happen!


Friday evening led off with the recent re-incarnation of Shaggie Maggie, reformed from a band called The Drive. It was awesome to see Pam Russell back on stage singing her heart out. The Holiday Band did an excellent job, playing a set both Friday night and Saturday. Two new members of the band that seemed to fit right in are Tim Taylor on bass guitar and and Chris Castelda on drums. Holiday's Turn Down The Lights is currently sitting at #1 on Ted Bell's 94.9 The Surf's Top 20.  Despite an interruption for a heavy rain shower early in the evening, the Big Time Party Band cranked up, quickly getting the crowd back into the mood. The successful first day was topped off by Alamance County's own Hip Pocket, always a huge party gathering pleaser.


The Tams Little Redd working the crowd on Saturday!


Sunny weather was the norm for Saturday as Burlington's Magnificents kicked off the party at noon. I had not seen them in quite some time - they were simply great! I introduced Clint Horton as 'the second coming of Lou Rawls', he has one of the best voices in any music venue! All the way from Atlanta, the Tams put on a tremendous afternoon show. Little Redd has been performing for forty years and has never been better!  He currently has recorded a new rendition of Down And Dirty Love, which is already getting Beach music chart attention. Holiday followed, taking us on a tour of their hit songs, both old and new, until the dinner break at 5 PM.


The Band of Oz turns it out on Saturday night!


What else can you say about the Band of Oz? Their position at the very top of the list of the best Beach artists is pretty secure - it is hard to beat as many as four horns on stage and lead vocals possible from either Jerry West, Scott Fine, Chuck French, Tim Morris or David Franks. It was no coincidence that the crowd continued to swell as their 7 PM performance approached. They did not disappoint - ninety minutes of pure entertainment. The day was capped off by a rousing set from local favorite Mason Lovette Band, who in my opinion ought to be in Nashville, they are that good. Lead singer Clint Rhodes is an amazing vocalist!  All in all, it was one great weekend! Check it out at this website:



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