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Beach Buzz & Southern Soul Corner

       With The Soul Dog

2016 Is Almost Over:  This is our last publication of the year. In the interest of time (of which I don't seem to have much of these days!) and the fact that Beach music and Southern Soul come together every year in November at the Carolina Beach Music Awards, we decided to combine the two columns into one for December.


                                2016 Carolina Beach Music Awards

       Soul Sensation Lomax with legendary Alabama guitarist Jeff Cook                                                                                                                                 


Speaking of the Carolina Beach Music Awards, the 22nd annual weekend was a rousing success this year as usual. The Sunday show was a highlight reel with the top bands in Beach such as the Embers, Band of Oz, Jim Quick & Coastline, Blackwater Rhythm & Blues and Rick Strickland Band giving stellar performances. Traditional Southern Soul was well represented as always this year with such key performers as Lomax, Hardway Connection, Sir Jonathan Burton and Miss Mini.

 There certainly were some surprises as well in the Awards winners: Blackwater Rhythm & Blues Band took Group of the Year, their lead singer Kendrix Singletary won Male Vocalist and Allie Privette tied with Rhonda McDaniel for Female Vocalist. Our leader here at, Pat Patterson, scored big with a win in the Compilation of the Year category for We're Building An Island. Congratulations to Pat, who also won the AM Radio of the Year and the Club/Mobile DJ Awards. Rising Star winner Carolina Soul Band has definitely been hot in 2016 with a couple of big hit songs - they gave us a truly outstanding performance on the Sunday show. All awards were well deserved!



Mr. Eddie Floyd

Soul music patriarch and all time legend Eddie Floyd now attends the CBMAs every year, to be part of the overall camaraderie as part of the family. He is as sharp as a tack and has seen it all in the last 80 plus years,  music wise as well as both social turbulence and tranquility. Eddie was born in Montgomery, Alabama, moved to Detroit as a young child but spent much of his life in both locales as well as travelling all over the world to perform.  One of the founders and original members of the Detroit based Falcons in 1955, the group was just inducted into the Rhythm & Blues Hall of Fame.

I am very fortunate, it seems that every year I get somewhat of a private audience at the CBMAs with Mr. Floyd. This year, I was sitting in the OD Beach & Golf Resort lobby on Saturday morning at 6:30 AM drinking coffee when he came in the hotel. Our discussion lasted almost an hour in which I always learn new things, not only about music history but about life in general. This gentleman is truly one of the hidden jewels of Americana, both past and present and deserving of all the recognition that has come his way...and more!






We just lost two of the biggest supporters of Carolina Beach music of all time - Mr. Virgil Carpenter and Mr. H. Lee Brown. Virgil was the patriarch of the Carpenter family, who have faithfuly scheduled and orchestrated the Carolina Beach Music Awards for the last 22 years. H. Lee was the owner/operator of the OD Pavilion in North Myrtle Beach for many years, a favorite hotspot for all shaggers and lovers of the music and the dance. May they both rest in peace!






What's New In Southern Soul: Several new albums are dropping here late in 2016, we will start reviewing them all in more depth once we crank back up in January.  Ecko Records is right on time with the release of their quarterly compilation - Blues Mix 22 Down South Soul has new tunes from label regulars OB Buchana, Ms. Jody, Jaye Hammer and Mr. Sam but also from King Fred and Joe Butler......................Gotta love him, Cinncinati's Bigg Robb is always on top of the latest with remixes, rewinds and new joints. His latest album just released, Got My Whiskey Party, has 17 tracks, includes a few previously released tunes as well as new material. It has been at #1 on  the Top 30 Southern Soul/Blues Albums chart for the last two months.  I always enjoy doing reviews on da Bigg man's high energy productions!!..........

One of the biggest sensations in Southern Soul over the last few years, Jackson , MS young gun J Wonn just released The Legacy Begins, 12 tracks courtesy of  I Got This Record Publishing LLC..........The album title is certainly accurate, Bloodlines, was released in October from JT Hooker-Taylor one of the legendary Johnnie's singing sons. In The Rinse has been the lead cut so far from the drop............Angel Faye Russell, we have heard from her singles before - My Sugar Daddy debuted in March of 2014 on the edition of the Southern Soul Smokin' Top 45 and New Pair of Shoes came in hot at #13 September 2015. A Taste of Angel was just released in October, with 10 prime time tracks..........

 Stevie J impressed us with previous singles Down Home People and Come Here Party. Hot off the presses is his new album Back 2 Blues. The latest tune from the release making our Top 45 here at the Corner from the album is That Party  Song........Outstanding vocalist JJ Thames made her debut in Southern Soul in early 2014 with her first album on DeChamp Records. She is back on the label with a a 13 song release called Raw Sugar. Debuting from the album on our Smokin' Top 45 this month is I Wanna Fall In Love............Wendell B released his first solo album in the Southern Soul market in 1998 after two decades of performing in groups. Just out is The Next 1, the smooth crooners 8th album in the genre. Imon Put It Down Ta Night has been the advance track making noise so far.




What's New In Beach Music: A couple of very significant albums just got released within the last month, both are debuts for these up and coming groups.  The self-titled Blackwater Rhythm & Blues Band album contains 14 tracks of which Why Do I Love You is already hot on the charts. If you are looking for a good New Years Eve party, head to Clarkton, NC to see this band perform at the Bringing It Home to Bladen County event. Midnight Allie, the band fronted by Female Vocalist of the Year co-winner Allie Privette, just released a self titled album containing 10 tracks of unique grooves.  New Years Eve will find this band turning it up at the Avista Resort Ballroom at North Myrtle Beach.

I did want to mention that although it did not win, Gary Lowder and Smokin' Hot's Playin' With Fire 2 album was nominated for Group Album of the Year and over half the songs on the release have made the charts to date. The same can be said for the Castaways release of  Movin' On, nominated for the second year in a row, with the majority of the songs on the album having made the charts over the last two years.  These are two prime examples of groups in Beach music out there on the road working hard each and every week to get the job done with outstanding recordings and high quality live entertainment. 


What are the hottest songs right now? This guy has been a sensation over the last two years.  Why You Wanna Do That by Lomax remains at #1 on  the Smokin' Top 45...... Oh Honey from Jackie Gore and Rhonda McDaniel has soared on all charts in recent weeks. Another duet, Baby Don't Go from Phil Wilson and Karen Clayton has done the same......Two new unique sounds that are taking off - When I'm With You by the Lakeside Drive Band and Pretty Girl from the James Michael Brown Band. Warming up to hot is their rendition of Unchain My Heart from the Holiday Band.............

I've Got My Mind Made Up is the latest hot song from Rick Strickland. It is on his New Beginning album, which won this year's Solo Album of the Year Award. Band mate Lesa Hudson's It's A Better Thing has done very well over the last several weeks.........Two singles out of Charlotte NC, Sonja's Grier's Run For Cover  continues to gain traction. Too Much Sylvia's Melodies And Memories, which won Song of the Year, has stayed on all the charts........From the KHP compilation Where It All Began, Andre Lee has yet another Beach music hit with  Right Kind of Woman.


The holiday season is upon us once again. Most all the bands include some Christmas music in their shows but one band in particular goes all out for the holidays and have made it a tradition. For the third year in a row, The Embers featuring Craig Woolard have released a Christmas CD featuring all holiday tunes. This year's edition contains 11 tracks of seasonal favorites to get us in the Yuletide spirit!


 Soul Dog’s Smokin' Top 45 Southern Soul Hits

                                      Final Chart for 2016

      % - new entry


1.                     This Is Where I Live - William Bell  

2.                     Sufferin' - Bigg Robb/Omar Cunningham/R. Kelly           %

3.                     Steppin' Out - Donna Renae                                     

4.                     Blow Me A Kiss - Till 1                

5.                     Dog House - Donnie Ray                                         

6.                     I Got The Feeling - Ms Jody                                      

7.                    Let's Have A Good Time - Willie Clayton                          %

8.                    That's What Your Mouth Say - Lysa            

9.                     Why Cant I Be Your Lover? - OB Buchana              

10.                Better Leave You Alone - Summer Wolfe               

11.                What Your Mama Gave You - J Red w/ Willie Hill           %

12.                 It's A Shame - Falisa Janaye                                            

13.                Merry Go Round  - TK Soul                                      

14.                Shot House - Toia Jones                                              

15.               Dangling On A String - Sir Jonathan Burton   

16.                Twenty Four Seven - J Wonn                                        

17.                 New Thang - Bianca                                                       %

18.                 Sit Down On It (Remix) - Mr X                                      %

19.                 Luckiest Man in the World - Al Lindsey                  

20.                  Right Here With Me - Adrena                                   

21.                 That Party Song - Stevie J                                                %

22.                 Groove It How You Move It - Veronica Ra'elle                  

23.                Sit Down On It - Jeff Singleton & Set 4 Life Band          %

24.                Love After Hours - Tony Tatum                                       %

25.                Tighten Up - Lady Soul                                                

26.                Why You Wanna Do That? - Lomax

27.                Take Me To the Bootlegger - Stan Butler                        %

28.                Move Something - Grady Champion

29.                Work That Thang - Big G                                                %

30.                Shake A Little Something - Karen Wolfe w/ Denise LaSalle                

31.                Charlie Horse - Cupid                                                          %

32.                There's A Party Goin' On - Ms. Jody   

33.                 Saddle Up On It - Diva Dee                                                % 

34.                I'm Crazy About You - Choppa Law                                   %

35.                Move - Shay Denise  

36.                 Got My Whiskey (remix) - Big Robb           

37.                I Don't Want Yo Mane - Jewel J                                       %

38.                I Wish It Was Me - Chuck Strong

39.                Bag This Wagon Up - Nicole Jackson              

40.                That Act Right - Miss Mini                                               %

41.                Saturday's A Prime Time Party - Booker Brown             % 

42.                Bring It Baby - Pat Cooley      

43.               Something Something - Crystal Thomas w/ Jeter Jones    %

44.               I Wanna Fall In Love - JJ Thames                                     %

45.                Another Man Will - Charles Wilson