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  Mike Little is a member of the Electric City Shag Club in Anderson, South Carolina.  He is also a member of the Association of Beach & Shag Club DJ’s and the National Association of Rhythm & Blues Deejays.  He hosted for 3-1/2 years The Saturday Morning Beach Party on WANS, 1280 AM in Anderson, which was rated by Arbitron as the highest rated AM show listened to and number three overall for that time slot.  In 2004, he was awarded the Rufus Oates Award by the National Association of Rhythm & Blues Dee Jays for his writing contributions.  He now serves on the Board of Directors of the NARBDJ.

My Music Or Yours


Mike Little


Have you heard about all of the new music that will be available in time for the Fall Migration of the Society of Stranders that will be held in the Ocean Drive section of North Myrtle Beach, South Carolina?


KHP Records has released The Best Of Rhonda McDaniel.  The 22-cut albums features some of Rhonda's best, including her award-winning material.  Highlighted from the release are Why Am I Crying,(While You're Out) Looking For Love, Look Before You Leap, Touching In The Dark and the ballad, Where The Boys Are.  Rhonda currently has two songs on the Beach Music charts, Ay Les Bas and Oh Honey, the latter of which is a duet by Rhonda and Jackie Gore, former member of The Embers.  Both of these songs are part of the album.  Rhonda recently went into the recording studio to add a new song for the release.  The new song, Don't Wait Around, should make some waves in the near future.  The Best Of Rhonda McDaniel is one that needs to be added to your collection.  Rhonda McDaniel has been singing ever since she could talk.  She joined her first band at the age thirteen.  After singing with several groups, she joined Brasstime Ball in the early nineties, which later became BrassTyme.  Rhonda spent nearly 20 years with the band, singing and playing keyboards, before embarking on her solo career.  She has accumulated numerous awards over the years, including being voted Female Vocalist of the Year for nine consecutive years with the Carolina Beach Music Awards (CBMA).   She also received the CBMA award for Solo Album of the Year in 2008, for her self-titled album, and again in 2012 for her Where The Boys Are album.  Rhonda also shared CBMA's Collaboration of the Year award for taking part in the 2011 release, Queens Of Southern Soul.  All of the songs I've mentioned, plus more, can be found on The Best Of Rhonda McDaniel.


Green Dot Records has released a new compilation, The Next Chapter.  The disk is filled with new music just waiting to be played at SOS.  The release is dedicated to the memory of Andy Smith, one of the founders of Green Dot Music and a positive influence on those who worked with him to fulfill their dreams.  Andy was also a board member of the Carolina Beach Music Awards.  One of the biggest highlights of The Next Chapter is Love You Tonight by Too Much Sylvia.   The number is already on the charts and bound to rise. This could be one of the best songs recorded by the group to date.  Too Much Sylvia is based out of Charlotte, North Carolina and features four lead vocalists, Rick Lee on keyboards,    Steve Long on guitar, Eddy Howie on bass and Don Leonard on drums.  The Tonez come on strong with a Beach Music take of the Mick Jagger-Keith Richards penned number, Beast Of Burden.  The Tonez, formerly known as The Swashtones, are based out of Salisbury, North Carolina.  The group was nominated for the Rising Star award of the Carolina Beach Music Awards in 2015 and 2016.  Sea-Cruz's Won't Go Home Without You was previously released as a single, and the song has been well accepted, having moved up into the Top 20 of the major Beach Music charts.  Another charted song, Pretty Girl by The James Michael Brown Band, finds its way onto the album.  The Top 10 hit can be heard on Beach Music radio shows and in the clubs in frequent rotation.  Several months ago, The Holiday Band released the tune, Do You Know What I Mean, as a single.  The Lee Michaels classic is now a part of The Next Chapter.  The Catalinas take part in the release with Hard Way To Go.  The song has been well received and is beginning to pick up momentum in the charts.  One of the key songs on the album is a new one from The Fantastic Shakers.  Freight Train, with the lead vocals coming from Bo Schronce.  The tune is sure to take off running.  The song has “hit” written all over it.  Another interesting song on the album is I'm Still Here by Gary Brown.  The song was written by Clifford Curry before he died, but never recorded.  The intro to the tune is sung by Clifford a Capella.  The Tim Clark Band's This Love is also receiving attention, having entered the charts.  The band is based out of the Myrtle Beach area.  Other material that can be found on The Next Chapter are Maybe Tonight by Nathan Angelo, I Can't Live Without You by The Fantastic Shakers' John G. Franklin, Anything You Want by the AM. rOdeO and Crazy Loving You by The Randy Clay Band.  Crazy Loving You is an original song written by band leader Randy Clay.  Yes, you can find a lot between the pages in The Next Chapter from Green Dot Records.


Detroit Rhythm & Blues great Johnny Rawls will be one the headline acts for the upcoming Fun Monday on September 18 at the Fall Migration, along with The Chairmen of the Board featuring Ken Knox, as well as The Black Water Rhythm & Blues Band.  As it turns out, Johnny Rawls will be releasing his new album, Waiting ForThe Train, in time for the event.  Johnny has given us much material to dance to over the years, including Red Cadillac.  Blackjack Was A Gambler could be the key song from the new release.  The Johnny Rawls-Bob Trenchard song is recorded in the same style as Red Cadillac, so we should be hearing this one around the hardwoods pretty soon.  I would suggest you listen to Rain Keep Falling, also.  It is a good song, however, we may find it hard to dance to.  Johnny does a great job with Wilson Pickett's I'm In Love.  This one could be used as a slow song or a smoothie with some pitch control work.  The same goes for the Rawls-Trenchard penned Stay With Me.  Johnny does a great job with Tyrone Davis' Turning Point.  This also could find a place in our market area, as could We Did It, a Syl Johnson remake.  It is also interesting that Johnny chose a Bob Dylan ballad, I Shall Be Released for the album.  Johnny is backed on the Waiting For The Train release by The Rays, his long standing recording unit.  Born in Hattiesburg, Mississippi, Johnny Rawls began playing the guitar at age twelve.  In the mid-seventies, Johnny joined the O.V Wright band, working with Wright until his death in 1980.  After Wright's death, Johnny continued to headline Wright's band as the O.V. Wright Band for 13 years before he began working with L.C. Luckett. He worked with Luckett until 1994, when he formed his own act, recording his first album for JSP Records in 1996.  He later found a home with Catfood Records, the label that has released his most recent recordings, including Waiting For The Train.


  Have you heard the song Baby I Love You So by Jimmy and Darlene Harrison?  The song has been charted for about six weeks and keeps steadily rising.  It comes from the husband-wife team's new album, Jimmy & Darlene:  Baby I Love You So.  This is not the first time we have heard from the duo.  In 2012, they appeared on Judie Walters' compilation release, Judie's Patio Party: Friends with the song, Keep Movin' On.  Jimmy Mack Harrison, aka Lenny Curtis, is not a new comer to the Beach & Shag/Rhythm & Blues industry.  Back when, he had a huge hit in the Northern Soul market with Nothing Can Help You Now.  The song has been re-recorded by Jimmy & Darlene for the Baby I Love You So project.  Jimmy Mack's unique vocal style and musical talent placed him in high demand in the 60's and 70's.  In 1997, the R & B Motown legend, Jimmy Mack Harrison married Gospel singer Darlene Hogan.  After years of performing and recording in the Gospel arena, the duo returns to secular music to our benefit.  The album also features the team's take on some of the classic tunes, such as Mustang Sally, Some Bridges Need Burning and Heaven Must Be Missing An Angel, as well as the ballads At Last and Let It Be Me.  Jimmy & Darlene: Baby I Love You So from KHP Music is available at your favorite music outlet.            


In Time For SOS


  Ecko Records has released Ms. Jody's latest Thunder Under Yonder, just in time for the Migration.  There are several good songs on the album that should appeal to the shaggers.  Thunder Under Yonder, the title track, is a typical Ms. Jody-style tune, however you have to get past the insinuations.  The wording is a little on the risque side.  Another song on the album, Let It Flow, could very well be the best song on the album.  It is somewhat a little smoother from what we're used to from Ms. Jody, but a welcome change.  More on Ms. Jody's Thunder Under Yonder coming soon.



KHP will be releasing a new compilation for Spring SOS, the titled yet to be named.  The James Michael Brown hit, The Moon Is Watching You, will be featured on the album, as will Gary Lowder & Smoking Hot's hot ballad, Should Have Been Lovin' You.  Summerdaze will take part with Between A Rock And A Hard Place.  The original tune was written by brothers Tim and Pat Cashion.  The Band Punch will occupy a spot on the album with the group's hit single, Don't Worry 'Bout Me.  The release will also have new material by Steve Owens & The Summertime Band, Hip Pocket and many more.



The Embers featuring Craig Woolard will have their new release for the Fall Migration.  The finishing touches are being put to the album now, and it will available at the Fall Migration.  The early release of the group's single from the album, Be With The One You Love, is enjoying plenty of play time.  A highlight on the album is a duet between Craig and Archie Bell of Archie Bell & The Drells' fame.   


And Soon After SOS


  Patman & Robin Records will be releasing the new compilation, Tranquil Bay, soon after SOS.  The title track is an original, written by Dip Ferrell before he died last July.  The song is performed by Dip Ferrell & The Trutones.  Album will also feature a brand new song by The Swingin' Medallions.  It was written by the Medallions' guitar player, Larry Freeland.  Vance Kennedy is back with us with an original, somewhat of a novelty song, The Weejun Song.  Though it is a novelty song, you will be able to shag to it.  The Shag Doctorz return, coming on strong with It's Too Late.  Two newcomers join in on the fun.  The East Coast Rhythm & Blues Band, based out of Spring Hope, North Carolina, was formed in 2009.  They bring us a new original, Elegant Lady.  The other band, The Gold Standard Band, is from Tucker, Georgia.  Though they are new to the Shag world, the band came together in 2012.Their song on the album, I Struck It Rich, is a Len Barry song.  Look for Tranquil Bay after SOS.