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Mike Little is a deejay from Anderson, South Carolina and is a member of the Electric City Shag Club in Anderson where he deejays for the club on a regular basis. as well as a member of the Carolina Shag Club in Greenville.  He was a highly rated radio deejay for WANS AM Radio for 3-1/2 years.  He writes articles for several publications, including the newsletters of the Association of Beach & Shag Club Deejays (ABSCDJ) and the National Association of Rhythm & Blues Deejays (NARBDJ), for both of which he is a member.  He also writes articles for the Website,, as well as the SOS publication, Carefree Times.  In 2003, he received the NARNDJ's Rufus Oates Award.  In 2017 he was inducted into the Deejays Hall of Fame as an honorary member by the ABSCDJ.  Also in 2017, he was inducted into the Greenville Area Shaggers Hall of Fame as an honorary member.  He also serves on the advisory Board of Directors of the Carolina Beach Music Awards.




Have You Heard

Special Father's Day Edition


Mike Little


Father's Day has been celebrated since the Middle Ages.  Many countries celebrate the day on May 19 (St. Joseph's Day).  Father's Day was not celebrated in America until the early twentieth century and is honored the third Sunday in June.  The tradition was said to have been started from a memorial service held for a large group of men who died in a mining accident in 1907.  Father's Day was first celebrated in Spokane, Washington in 1910, when Sonora Smart Dodd asker her minister to give a sermon honoring fathers, suggesting that fathers should have a similar holiday to Mother's Day observance.  She suggested that sermons be given throughout the city on June 5, her father's birthday.  However, the pastors did not have enough time to prepare the sermons, and the celebration was deferred to the third Sunday of June. 


Have you heard about The Winstons' new remix of the classic, Color Him Father?  Just released for Father's Day 2018, the new album, Color Him Father, is a 5-song release.  The remix of Color Him Father carries a great shag beat that will be great for the dancers.  In 1969, the Washington, D.C.-based Winstons released the huge hit, which became a Top Ten Rhythm & Blues and Pop hit, just missing the number one spot on the R&B list.  The song earned The Winstons a Grammy Award for Best R&B Song.  Band member and saxophonist Richard Spencer penned Color Him Father.  The Winstons eventually toured as the backup band for the Impressions, but never again charted another song.  After the group disbanded, Richard Spencer went back to school, eventually working for Washington's Metropolitan Transit Authority.  After retirement, he moved to North Carolina, where he taught high school social studies.  In 1996, Joe Phillips acquired The Winstons' name and formed a new group, based out of Washington, D.C.  Phillips was former guitar player for such legendary artists such as Barry White, The Stylistics and The Manhattans.  Though there are no original members associated with the new band, The Winstons continue to salute fathers all over with their rendition of the classic.  Color Him Father EP also carries a remix of Honor My Father.  This, also, makes a great dance number for the annual celebration.  Other songs on the extended play release include a remix of I Love D.C., a tribute to our nation's capitol, as well as new material, (She's A) Gold Digga and Right Formula.


  I'm sure you are familiar with the new mega-hit, Old Time Saturday Nite by Mark Black.  The best seller comes from the album, Make Your Mark, by R. Mark Black.  One of the selections from the new album is Dance With My Father.  The ballad not only features Mark with his signature voice, but his saxophone background and solo interlude on the number that proves him to be one of the best.  As you may know, Mark Black plays saxophone with the East Coast Party Band.  Old Time Saturday Nite was featured on the popular television show The Bachelorette last year, as played by the East Coast Party Band.  Mark has experienced a tremendous music career.  After attending Appalachan State University, he joined The Fabulous Kays band that is based out of Charlotte, North Carolina.  He later was recruited to become a part of The Embers.