Mike Little

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2020 Smokin' 45


Board of Directors Member of The National Association of Rhythm & Blues Dee Jays
Board Member Carolina Beach Music Awards
Member of The Association of Beach and Shag Club DJs


Mike Little's R & B Top 10

January 2020


                         1.  Got To Be You - Dr. Victor

                         2.  Can't Read Your Mind - Johnny Rawls 

                         3.  Hard For The Money-Sam Joyner

                         4.  How Deep Is The Ocean-Willie Buck

                         5.  I Got A Real Good Woman - Jo Jo Murray                            

                         6.  I Ain't Leavin' Mississippi - Jaye Hammer

                         7.  I Think It's Gonna Work Out Fine – Wilson Williams

                         8.  Knock Knock – Diane Blue                                          \

                         9.  Just A Little Bit – L.J. Echols

                        10. That's What Love Can Do – Chris Jasper