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  Mike Little is a member of the Electric City Shag Club in Anderson, South Carolina.  He is also a member of the Association of Beach & Shag Club DJ’s and the National Association of Rhythm & Blues Deejays.  He hosted for 3-1/2 years The Saturday Morning Beach Party on WANS, 1280 AM in Anderson, which was rated by Arbitron as the highest rated AM show listened to and number three overall for that time slot.  In 2004, he was awarded the Rufus Oates Award by the National Association of Rhythm & Blues Dee Jays for his writing contributions.  He now serves on the Board of Directors of the NARBDJ.

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Mike Little





  Just in time for the Fall Migration in Ocean Drive (North Myrtle Beach), South Carolina, KHP Music released the new compilation, Dancing With My Baby.  Already, several cuts from the album have jumped into the charts.  Pat Carpenter of The Pat Carpenter Band joined forces with The Carolina Breakers to release Fell In Love Too Late.  Rhonda McDaniel is again on the charts with a song on the compilation, I Need You Now.  It is a recording of Tata Vega's relatively unknown hit and was written by the writing team of Brian and Eddie Holland.   Terri Gore and Tim Cashion teamed together to record Whenever I Call You Friend.  The song was a hit for Kenny Loggins and co-written by Loggins and Melissa Manchester.  Grayson Hugh, of Talk It Over  and Goodbye Train notoriety, teams with Jim Quick to record Sam & Dave's No More Pain.  Look for this one to be a big hit.  He grew up surrounded by classical music, his father being a classical music radio host in England.  He and his wife Polly live in Connecticut, however before marriage Grayson lived in the North Carolina coastal area.  Wayne Free joins Kingdaddy to release You're My Girl.  Wayne spent many years with The Swingin' Medallions before retiring from the group.  He later joined The Embers, spending several years with the group before leaving to embark on a solo career.  The Tams also joins the compilation with Dancing Mood.    The Catalinas are back with us a new novelty song, Three Beers For Breakfast.    Sumter's Dip Ferrell & The Trutones have been busy in the studio.  In addition to being a part of Patman & Robin's compilation, I Like It Like That, they also join Dancing With My Baby with an original, Some Say Hey.  It has been a while since we have heard from Debbie Dobbins.  She has recently released a new single, Take Me Away, and it has become a part of the new compilation.  Bill Bradford, of Bradford & Bell fame, produced and released the song.  Other artists on the album also feature Mark Black, formerly with The Embers, Bryan Counts and a new band, Hot & Humid.  Britain's Roy Hamilton also joins in on the compilation.  The title track to the album is by Miss Rebekah Garcia.  If you would like to see a video of her performance of the song with some dancing, you can find it on the Internet.  You can surely do some good dancing with your baby with KHP's new release, Dancing With My Baby. 


  It was in Austria in 1977 when guitarist Eric Trauner and pianist Joachim Palden got together and formed The Mojo Blues Band.  The founders of the band had been playing in clubs in Vienna prior to that.  Then, Joachim won a boogie woogie contest, the first prize being a recording contract.  It was only then that the two decided to form a band, which they named The Mojo Blues Band.  Being the only blues band in Vienna, they were often booked as the backing band for blues artists touring in Austria.  Some of the artists they played with and backed were Charlie Musselwhite, J.B. Hutto, Champion Jack Dupree, Katie Webster, Hal Singer, Jan Harrington and Eddie Clearwater.  They also played with Anzel Zwingenberger which led to recording several albums.  In 1980 they teamed with Dana Gillespie, changing their style more to Rhythm & Blues.  In the 1990's their hit, Alligator Walk, led them to team with Marion Carter of Ripete Records and record Southern Blues Cruise with Jimmy McCracklin.  They also made several appearances over the years at Fun Monday during the Society of Stranders' Spring Safari.  The Mojo Blues Band has now released their double album, Walk The Bridge.  Have you heard it?  Several songs from the Styx Records release have caught on with some deejays.  Take Alimony, Alimony, for instance.  Don't confuse this one with the Womack & Womack classic.  This is pure Mojo.  Another uptempo song that reminds me somewhat of Alligator Walk is She's A Hot Mamacita.  There are two versions of this song, but it is the version on Disk One that the dancers will appeal to.  Another song that really caught my attention is Mojo's take on the Jimmy McCracklin classic, I’ll See It Through.  Another song you may want to check closely is  My Heart Goes Didddely Bum.  It's got a catchy tune to it.  Other numbers that may interest you are Wild Wild Women, The Blues Is All I Wanna Sing, Movin' Out Of Town and Whale Of A Time.  There are several guest musicians on the album, including sax man Paul Chuey.  His instrumental on the album, Paul's Shuffle, is a great shag number to use as an intro or interlude.  Mojo Blues Band's Walk the Bridge will surely do some walking for you.



  Do you remember The Winstons?  Sure you do.  You play the group's hit song, Color Him Father, around Father's Day.  The Winstons, based out of Washington, DC, still performs and records today under the guidance of Jumpin' Joe Phillips.  Have you heard about their new mini-album, WindowShopping?  Have you heard the song by The Winstons, Window Shopping?  Check it out!  The title track is maybe the best the group has put out since Color Him Father.  The difference, of course, is that the 1969 hit is a slow song, and Window Shopping is an uptempo shag song.  Another one of the 6-song release that is almost as good as Window Shopping is Come On And Get My Love, not to be confused with Redbone's Come And Get Your Love.  You may not find The Winstons' WindowShopping in the stores, but you can easily find it on the Internet. 


 At the spring SOS or shortly thereafter, KHP Music released the new compilation, Party On The Ocean.  The title track of the release is the Carolina remix of Party On The Ocean by The Dana Robbins Band, featuring Wet Willie's Jimmy Hall on the lead vocals.  The song is beginning to get a lot of playtime and is bubbling under.  In's Top 45, Party On The Ocean has six, yes, six songs on the chart.   One of the featured songs is the Top Ten hit from Ken Knox and Company, Ready, Willin' And Able.  Ken is formerly with The Chairmen of the Board and wrote this song.  Also moving up the charts is The Carolina Breakers' latest, Show You The Way To Go.  The song was written by Kenny Gamble and Leon Huff and was a hit for The Jacksons in the mid-seventies with Michael Jackson on the lead. The album carries Steve Edmunds' hit, I'm Happy That Love Has Found You, originally recorded by Jimmy Hall.  The Fantastic Shakers come on strong with their hit, Can't Stop Loving You.  Doug Winstead, now with the Shakers, handles the lead vocals for the number.  The Blackwater Rhythm & Blues Band has also charted with Elvin Bishop's Fooled Around And Fell In Love.  The Marsha Morgan Band is back with us with her group's hit, Don't Snap Your Fingers.  The album will also carries a new number from Hip Pocket called C'mon Get Your Man.  The song features Jim Quick as lead vocalist.  Also, Phil Wilson is a part of the new record with his rendition of Sunday Morning Woman.  The release is highlighted by The Boulevard Boys' Kiss Me On The Mouth and Classic Soul's High Blood Pressure.  The Johnny Barker Band also takes part in the compilation, as does gtownsound featuring James Bates.  Party On The Ocean was destined to be a hit, and it surely is, even running well into the Fall Migration.


  Coastline Band's bass player and vocalist Albert Rogers has released his first solo album, the self-titled Albert Rogers.  His first hit from the album, Take It From The Top, is still going strong on the charts.  Ain't That A Lot Of Love is also getting some play time and could be the next hit from the album.  However, don't overlook Sugar Sugar.  Albert does a great job on this John Fogerty jewel.  Also, She Caught The Kay caught my ear.  He Drinks Tequila featuring Christine Martinez is a fun song to listen to and is just one of those good party songs.  Albert has a great band backing him, including Coastline's Casey Meyer on acoustic guitar.  The album is filled with guest musicians including Coastline's Gary Tippett on saxophone of one of the songs and Andy King on background vocals and trumpet on several songs.  Although Albert Rogers is Albert's first solo album, he has been part of a number of compilations, including the KHP Records album, Thinking About You.  Albert took part in the album singing Satisfy My Soul, which became a big hit for him. 


Right on the heels of Party On The Ocean, KHP Music released Shagging The Night Away.  Like the Party album, it too has its share of charted songs.  Headling the thirteen sons on the album is Grayson Hugh's smash hit, Goodbye Train.  This hot number rapidly moved into the Top 10 of many charts, soon to be at the top.  Grayson is the first generation of his family born in the United States.    Another hit on Shagging The Night Away is The Band of Oz' Extra Careful.  It also is rapidly moving toward the top of the charts.  The song was originally recorded by Billy Cole, an Australian who now lives in the States.  Two other hits from the album are Sunday Morning Woman by Phil Wilson and Wasting The Time Away by The SolisBravo Band.  Carlos Solis Bravo heads up the band. In 1961, he and his family forced to from their home in Havana, Cuba to Florida.  Andre Lee's Back In The Day Cafe continues to remain in the Top Ten.  Another of his songs now appears on Shagging The Night Away and keeps bubbling under, this one being I've Found What I’ve Been Looking For.  Born in Chicago and moving to Mississippi with his family at an early age, he returned to Jackson, Mississippi about ten years ago.  For nearly fifty years, singer, guitarist and band leader Paul Gabriel has been slugging it out on the Connecticut blues scene.  He finally gained international recognition when he was nominated for a Blues Foundation Blues Music Award, formerly known as the W.C. Hamby Awards.  He joins in on the album with another that is nearing chartland, Spoda Be.  Other artists on the thirteen song release include Rhonda McDaniel, Angel Rissoff, Heather Heywood  and The Breeze Band.  You can really shag the night away with this release.

for SOS. 


Gary Lowder has had quite a bit of attention in just a few short years in the Beach Music market.  Gary, after battling eighteen years of snow storms in Minneapolis, Minnesota, he moved back to the Carolina in 2005 to Ocean Isle, North Carolina.  After several years of recording and performing as a solo artist, he joined The Carolina Breakers.  He now heads his own band, Gary Lowder & Smokin' Hot.  Already the group has a hit song, Hold On, which led to a new CD, Playin' With Fire.  The second single release from the album is Sexy Soul, which should do right well throughout the Carolinas.  The band also takes Ray Charles' Unchain My Heart to a new level to bring the shaggers out to the dance floor.  The group also does well with the remake of Darrell Banks' classic, Open The Door To Your Heart.  Gary & the boys break out on Rufus Thomas' song, Walkin' The Dog, converting into a good line dance song.  Gary Lowder & Smokin' Hot is a seven piece band of smokin' hot rhythm & blues.  Including in the group are Terry Nash on the keys of Cagle & Nash Fame and JK Loftin on lead guitar.  In addition to his fame beginning with Heart & Soul, and later The Craig Woolard Band and Mark Roberts & Breeze, JK is owner and chief engineer of Cape Fear Studio in Wilmington, North Carolina.



Holy priceless collection, Patman!” says Robin.  I'm sure that's what Robin told her husband Pat Patterson at Patman & Robin Records when the final collection of music was determined for the new compilation, I Like It Like That.  Leading off the fifteen songs on the album is the charted Bouncin' Back To You by Jimbo Durham of Shag Attack.  Also on the charts is Shame On You by Lesa Hudson.  The melody on this hot song reminds me of KT Oslen's song, Live Close By, Visit Often.  Another song on the album that is really hot and is moving upward on the charts is Always Running Back To You by The Shag Doctorz.  Another one that seems to be getting a lot of attention in the upstate of South Carolina is Ring by Dip Ferrell & The Trutones featuring Shana Blake on the lead vocals.  The song should be seen shortly moving West and Southeast toward the coastal waters of the Carolinas.  Another song that we may see entering the charts is Never Grow Old by Vance Kennedy And Barksdale Station.  Listen to the words my friends.  Sound familiar?  North Myrtle Beach's Calabash Flash Ludwick comes on strong with his latest, Bluesman Flash.  It also has potential for the charts.  Dip Ferrell & his Trutones appears again on the album with their shag take on Chris Kenner's 1961 hit, I Like It Like That, which, of course, is the title track of the album.  Craig Woolard gives his take on Rue Davis' I'm In Love With The Girl Next Door and The Swingin' Medallions join in with Ben E. King's mega hit Spanish Harlem.  Rick Strickland is back with us for the release with his original, Tear It Up.  The song Right Here At Home by The Deacons of Swing is dedicated to the memory of Eddie Wayne Bailey.  He took part in Patman & Robin music's compilation, Havin' A Large Time, singing You Don't Know Me.  He looked forward to doing more recording but passed away before he had the chance.  Eddie was an extremely talented drummer and played at one time with The Swingin' Medallions.  Right Here At Home was the next song he wanted to record.  Thee Deacons of Swing include Ashley Stokes, Jake Bartley and Richard Crocker.  I Like It Like That also includes music from Kingdaddy and The Coastal Cohorts, made up with Jim Wann, Bland Simpson and Don Dixon.  As Pat and Robin said, “we hope you 'Like It Like That'”.


After several years of leaving the music industry, Vance Kennedy has come back strong, releasing his new album by Vance Kennedy and Barksdale Station called Old Frieends, New Songs.  One of the songs has found its way to be a part of Patman & Robin Music's new compilation, I Like It Like That.  The song is titles Never Grow Old.  Listen to the lyrics on this one.  If you are like me, you will swear that Vance somehow looked up some information on you and wrote about it.  The hottest song on the album is Silk On Glass.  It has really caught on in the upstate of South Carolina and should do equally well across both Carolinas and beyond.  Another song you will want to pay close attention to is Smoothie Shoes.  Yes, like the title, it is smooth.  Vance Kennedy hails from Barskdale, South Carolina, thus the name Barksdale Station.  The town is near Gray Court, which is not too far from Laurens.



  The Carolina Beach Music Awards has released their second compilation from which the proceeds will go to the Carolina Beach Music Awards' Scholarship Foundation.  The CBMA Scholarship was established to provide financial assistance to students attending a college or university who have an immediate family member who is an Industry member of the Carolina Beach Music Awards.  The compilation is named CBMA Scholarship Foundation and contains 18 songs of some of the best Beach Music recently recorded.  Headling the albums are songs from The Holiday Band, I'm Man Enough, KCO (Ken Knox & Company), You, Rick Strickland, Something Smooth, and Big John Thompson and Roger Smith, Boulevard Boys.  Other highlights include Shadow Shaggin' by Tommy Black & Blooz, Turn Me Over by Jim Quick & The Coastline Band, Grand Strand Girl by Tim Cashion, That Boy Can Shag by The Castaways Featuring Phil Wilson, Cherry Grove by The Big Time Party Band and Friends by The Breeze Band.  You will also find The Monkey Song by The Sugarbees and If You Can't Shag by the Reverend Bubba D. Liverence.  Other artists participating on the compilation are Calabash Flash, Lesa Hudson and Gtownsound.  For more information on the album, go to on the Internet.