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  Mike Little is a member of the Electric City Shag Club in Anderson, South Carolina.  He is also a member of the Association of Beach & Shag Club DJ’s and the National Association of Rhythm & Blues Deejays.  He hosted for 3-1/2 years The Saturday Morning Beach Party on WANS, 1280 AM in Anderson, which was rated by Arbitron as the highest rated AM show listened to and number three overall for that time slot.  In 2004, he was awarded the Rufus Oates Award by the National Association of Rhythm & Blues Dee Jays for his writing contributions.  He now serves on the Board of Directors of the NARBDJ.

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Mike Little


  I just can't say enough about Charlotte-based Too Much Sylvia's new single release, All I Wanna Do Is Dance.  It is the lead song from the group's new album, 2MS, from Green Dot Music and has already entered the charts with a smash.  I know that you have heard it.  The tune, written by band member Rick Lee, is one of the hottest songs going and will easily find its way into the top end of the charts.  On the album, I was also impressed with Spiral Staircase's medley, She's Ready/More Today.  I have always liked the group's She's Ready and their national hit, More Today Than Yesterday.  I was also impressed with the group's Bring It On Back, another original penned by Rick Lee.  Too Much Sylvia also does a good job with a danceable version of Barefootin'.  On the album, you will also find the group's previously released Red Sunglasses, which continues to be popular along the Carolina coastlines.  In addition, you will find on the release a hidden track.  The song is a remake of The Monkees' smash hit, Daydream Believer.  Too Much Sylvia features three lead vocalists, Eddy Howie on bass guitar and vocals, Steve Long on guitar and vocals and Rick Lee on keyboards and vocals.  Don Leonard rounds out the group on drums.  Amidst his background, Don played with The Poor Souls.  The others have known each other for a long time, going back to the time when they all played with Sugarcreek.  2MS is definitely an album you will want to get a hold of. 


  Have you heard about Delbert's new album with Glen Clark?  It has been forty years since three-time Grammy Award winner Delbert McClinton and fellow Texas troubadour Glen Clark recorded together.  Delbert and Glen lived two doors apart in their early years in Fort Worth, Texas.   After two unsuccessful albums, the pair went their separate ways, making names for themselves on their own.    Glen went on to become musical director for Jim Belushi and did the music for Belushi’s One of the songs, Oughta Know, was co-written by Delbert and Delbert's son, Clay McClinton.  television sitcom.  Delbert, of course, went on to establish a music career giving us numerous albums and numerous hits.  Back together again, they have just released Blind, Crippled And Crazy on the New West Records label.  The album was co-produced by Gary Nicholson and carries a number of songs that will work well in the Beach Music world.  Clay had previously released the song, which made a little splash in the market.  With Delbert on the lead and a little more up-tempo, look for Oughta Know to hit the charts again.  This is by far not a one-hit album.  With Delbert and Glen trading leads, look to hear Been Around For A Long Time, Somebody To Love You and Tell My Mama to be played and heard.  One other song on the album that caught my attention was Good As I Feel Today.  It is a little on the Country side, but has a great dance beat.  Also, the hard driving Peace In The Valley grabbed my attention.  Blind, Crippled & Crazy is a national release and should be easy to find.


  It is uncanny how much Eugene “Hideaway” Bridges sounds like Sam Cooke.  As you know, several years ago he had a huge hit in the marketplace recording Cooke's Movin' & Groovin'.  It has only been a few years since, Hideaway's last release, but his new one from Armadillo Records, Roots And Vines, has numerous songs to choose from, some of which are guaranteed to become hits.  Take for example, Farewell, My Darling.  It will surely make its way into chartsville in short order.  Also, Hold On should also find its way into the charts at some point.  My Baby Loves Me also has the potential to be a hit.  These three songs alone, make the album worth obtaining.  However, the release contains more than just these three jewels.  A Thing Called Love, How Long Will It Take and Basil's Bar also caught my attention.  Eugene “Hideaway” Bridges also does a good job sounding a lot like Jimmy Reed with Rise Above It.  Looking for a good slow song?  Eugene sounds great with I Will Still Be In Love With You.  Raised in Texas and Louisiana, Eugene was still a small child when he performed on stage with his father, guitarist Slim “Hideaway” Bridges.  He joined his brothers to form a gospel group and sang with his church choir.  Following his service in the U.S. Air Force, he sang gospel with a number of groups, including the Mighty Clouds of Joy.  While visiting Europe as a solo act, he was discovered by and signed by the UK company, Armadillo Records.  In addition to touring Europe, he also visits Australia and New Zealand, where he attracts enthusiastic audiences.  Roots And Vines is another album that should be relatively easy to locate.


  Inspired by seeing The Beatles for the first time on the classic television variety series, The Ed Sullivan Show, Rick Strickland wrote his first song at the age of thirteen.  Over 3,000 Strickland-written songs later, it was the Beach Music scene that enhanced his song writing abilities, becoming widely accepted by the industry as a songwriter, as well as a singer.   In 2005, Rick's song, Something Smooth, was selected as Song of the Year for the Carolina Beach Music Awards and earned him CBMA's Songwriter of the Year award.  The tune remained at the top of the charts the entire year and later became the title track of his 2007 release, which won CBMA's Solo Album of the Year.  Since that time, Rick has continued to churn out singles and albums, earning addition CBMA awards such as Songwriter of the Year, Solo Album of the Year and Smoothie of the Year.  Rick Strickland's newest album, Lucky, should do as well as his previously released albums.  All songs on the release are written and performed by Rick with the exception of the smash hit song, I'm Hungover, which was co-written and performed with Lesa Hudson.  Keyboards on the album were handled by Lesa Hudson and Art Benton.  All other vocals and instruments on the release come from Rick Strickland.  Lucky, the title track of the album, is already receiving air play and club play, but look for The Best Of You to become the sleeper hit from the release.  The song has that “hit” feeling about it that will bring it into the ranks of Something Smooth, So Do I, Over & Over and I've Got Your Back. However, don't overlook Beggin' and Guess You Had To Be There.  You will also want to pay attention to the Country flavored song, You Ought To Be Ashamed.  This one also could easily catch on and move to higher ground.  Rick Strickland's new release, Lucky, should easily become another hit for him.


Memphis, Tennessee-based Ecko Records has released O.B. Buchana's latest, Starting All Over.  The album contains two songs that are already receiving extensive playtime across the Carolinas and beyond.  Just Go Dancin' is a great song and should easily draw a crowd to the hardwoods.  I Was Searching has that hit feeling all over.  It should do well during the upcoming Fall Migration.  With either song, you can't go wrong.  You also will want to take a listen to Dream Lover.  Don't confuse the title with the Bobby Darin classic.  This original written by Raymond Moore and John Ward has that strong Southern Soul sound to it.  O.B not only sings lead on all of the tunes on the album, but also sings background vocals along with William Norris, Sir Charles Jones and The Echonaires.  O.B. Buchana has made quite a name for himself in recent years recording for Ecko.  Born in Mound Bayou, Mississippi, O.B. spent his childhood in Clarksdale, Mississippi, a city that has always played major role in the development of Blues legends.  He began his musical career at an early age singing Gospel in a Baptist church choir, later emerging as lead singer of the Gospel group, The Mighty Suns of God.  In the early 1990's, O.B. Signed with  a record label, kicking off his musical career.  In 2004, Ecko Records recognized his talent, signing him to a recording contract.  O.B. Buchana's new release, Starting All Over should be relatively easy to find.


Ecko Records has been busy lately.  Not only has the Memphis record company released O.B. Buchana's latest, but has also released Jaye Hammer's latest, I Can Lay The Hammer Down.  With his second release with Ecko, the Clarksdale, Mississippi native really lays down some good music.  The song from the album, Shuckin' And Jivin', has just entered the charts and should rise higher as the months roll by.  In addition to Shuckin' And Jivin', you will also want to take note of I'm In Love, Your Search Is Over and One Stop Lover, as well as Dig A Little.  Blues Buffet also caught my attention.  Jaye Hammer began his solo career at the age of eighteen, recording his first album.  When Jaye was twenty-six years old, he lost his eyesight, but this did not stop him from continuing his pursuit as a solo artist. Jaye Hammer is one of the young guns at Ecko Records with a bright future.  I Can Lay The Hammer Down is Jaye's second release with Ecko and should be relatively easy to find.   



  Based out of Florence, South Carolina, Dip Ferrell & The Truetones released their latest on Arcade Records, Dip In The Road.  The first single from the album quickly caught on and is bubbling under the charts, expecting to enter next month.  The single, Where You Tryin' To Go, has really hit it big and is being played everywhere, expecially along the Coastal areas.  If this one meet your fancy, try Lonely Girl or Some Say Hey.  The album also carries a good smoothie, Since Emptiness Filled My Heart.  The uptempo title track, Dip In The Road, is also getting some playtime on the Large Time network.  Vocals on the album come from Dip Ferrell, Rick Blackwell, Shana Blake and Beth Chorneau.  All songs on the album were written by The Jefford Brothers, with the exception of Love Is Gone, which was written by Don Dixon.  Don also plays bass on the album's songs and provides background vocals.  He also is the producer of the release.  Mark Stallings handles the piano and organ work for the project.  You may be familiar with Mark through his instrumentation work on piano and keyboards with groups such as The Chairmen Of The Board, The Breeze Band and Sammy O'Bannion.  Mark has also worked with Bonnie Bramlett and the late Robin Rogers.  There is no dip in the road when you purchase Dip Ferrell & The Truetones' Dip In The Road.  If you have trouble finding the CD, click on Pat Patterson's Large Time Network's Website,


During the eighties and nineties, Long Beach California was well known for providing Blues greats such as Rod Piaza & The Mighty Flyers, James Harman, William Clark, Doug McLeod and Whiteboy James & The Blues Exress.  It is no wonder that The Mighty Mojo Prophets sound captures the vitality and fun of Long Beach's now legendary Blues scene.  The Prophets have now released the group's second CD, Flyin' Home From Memphis.  Two songs from the album have already been picked up by several Carolina deejays and have listed the songs in their charts, especially one.  Sweetness comes on strong.  We may see this one coming into beachmusic45's chart in short order.  It surely will be played frequently in clubs.  Also, the hard driving The .45 is another one to take note of, especially if you are playing to those who really get into the Blues.  You will also want to take a listen to Lucky Man.  This song also has some potential for playtime.  The Mighty Mojo Prophets' Flyin' Home From Memphis is on the Delta Groove label and should ber easy to locate.      


  Rickie Fox was born into a musical family.  Born in Danville, Virginia and graduating from George Washington High School, Rickie set off for his career in music.  After a number of years, he realized he could not make a living as a musician.  After pumping gas, working in the textile industry, auto parts retail, selling insurance and retail, he really wasn't happy.  On a dare from his wife, Rickie enrolled in nursing school at the age of 34, later becoming a registered nurse.  He later attended Liberty Bible School, becoming a minister.  After spending six years in full time ministry, he returned to nursing, which is a ministry in itself.  Rickie Fox now gets to spend time with his first love, singing, songwriting and recording music.  He has just released Soul Survivor on the KHP Music label.  The lead song from the release is Judy, Judy, Judy, which haws already received airplay along the coast.  The album also contains Forever More, which has that classic beach feel to it.  Other songs you will want to take note of are Mona Don't You Wanna and Borrowed Time.  Borrowed Time is a reprise of the title track that appeared on Rickie teaming with Scott Frasier for the 2010 album.  Rickie Fox's Soul Survivor is now available from your favorite musical outlet.