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Inside The Music with Craig Fleming                                       October 2021

Hello Everyone!


Well as of this writing, Fall SOS is in the books, Summer has come to an end, and we are moving into a beautiful time of the year; Fall, and the upcoming holiday season. Fall is one of my favorite times of the year to be at the beach, and I hope to get a couple of more weekends in before the weather gets too cold! There will be no shortage of entertainment at the beach during the coming weeks as the Carolina Beach Music Awards weekend is coming up November 11th - 13th. Some of the bands scheduled to appear at the beach that weekend include: Gary Lowder and Smokin' Hot, The Castaways, The Sand Band, Too Much Sylvia, The Main Event Band, Hip Pocket, Carolina Coast Band with Rhonda McDaniel and Rickey Godfrey, The Catalinas, The Tonez, The Embers featuring Craig Woolard, and The Band of Oz! If you like live bands, this is the best weekend to be in North Myrtle Beach as every club along Main Street will have a live band throughout the weekend. For more information about this fabulous weekend, and to view all of the nominees for the Carolina Beach Music Awards and the 2021 Hall Of Fame inductees, visit  I hope to see you there!

Fall SOS was held in North Myrtle Beach September 16th - 26th and the clubs along Main Street were packed with Beach Music lovers! The weather was absolutely perfect for most of the event, and it was so good to see people out and about having a good time and enjoying this music we all love! A special THANK YOU to everyone who came out to see me and my good friend Pat Patterson at Deckerz on September 24th! It was so good to see and meet so many of the Large Time Network listeners! A Large Time was had by all and new friends were made, especially Big Al and Courtney! Special thanks to the artists who stopped by to perform including Sylvia Johns Ritchie, Russell Henry, Lesa Hudson, Deb Browning, and Rhonda McDaniel! We even had a surprise appearance from Guitarzan! If you were there, you know what I mean! The simulcast between Riptide Radio and The Large Time Radio Network of Ray Scott's Wild and Crazy Deck Party at Deckerz was heard around the world and produced a record number of listeners along the network! Can someone say Event of The Year? Thanks so much to Scott Beasley of Deckerz, and Ray Scott and John Henricksen of Riptide Radio for their help with this epic event! I've got a feeling that we'll be seeing each other again!!

The amount of new music heard and released during Fall SOS that hasn't already been covered in these pages was minimal at best as things have appeared to slow down dramatically the last couple of months. With that being said, there were a few releases this past month that are worthy of mention. With that being said, let's go Inside The Music shall we!

A Bar In Belize - Calypso Joe and The Coconuts

Haven't we all thought about running away and buying A Bar in Belize at some time? You can almost smell and taste the coconuts!! This fun tune was written by Charlie Sattenfield who has given us so many Beach Music hits recently including Ocean Drive from Archie Bell, I Miss You Babe from Christina Cooper Black, 

New Latitude from Calypso Joe and The Coconuts, and Beach Vacation from The Embers featuring Craig Woolard and Archie Bell. This song is already starting to make some noise on the Beach Music charts as it is currently #20 on Eric Bowman's New Beach Music Countdown. The song was recorded in Nashville, TN. and includes vocals from Michael Lusk, Amber Rose, and Stacy Hogan. Musicians on the song are Stacy Hogan, Charlie Sattenfield, and Michael Lusk. The song also has a fun video which was produced by Cammy nominated videographer Tony Murnahan. You can find the video on You Tube and it is definitely worth the watch!

A Bar In Belize is a fun, happy tune in the Jimmy Buffett mode that will work well in your playlist if you need to change the pace a little and get the party crowd going. It is available for download on I Tunes so download it today and add this fun tune to your collection!


Only Love Can Mend A Broken Heart - Darryl Johnson


Darryl Johnson has been active on the Beach Music charts recently with songs such as Lonely Teardrops, What You Do To Me, and Anyone Can Tell (We're In Love). Darryl recently released Only Love Can Mend A Broken Heart and it is smokin'! Any song with a B3 in the opening is good with me! Darryl delivers a vocal performance  that is reminiscent of some of the great Soul singers of the past! (Can you say Danny Woods!) Throw in a beat that is perfect for the smooth shag steppers and this song is destined to hit the charts soon! I expect this song to make it's move on to the charts in short order and give Darryl another Beach Music hit! Do yourself a favor and go to I Tunes today and download this stone cold Soul killer! You will certainly be glad you did!!

No-Surf-Sign 3 iTunes_edited_edited.jpg

Good Love Is Hard To Find - Rachel Tripp


The last song on the long awaited Soul Steppin' Volume 2 compilation from Forevermore Music was completed during Fall SOS and boy was it worth the wait! Good Love Is Hard To Find from Rachel Tripp will add to the growing number of hits from this incredible compilation! Rachel lives in Nashville, TN. and is the daughter of Freddy Tripp, who was the Music Director and Keyboard Player for the legendary Fantastic Shakers for years! This song features an incredible vocal performance from Rachel, smokin' piano and Hammond B3 from Johnny Cummings and Angel Figueroa, and tip of the spear production from Christopher Biehler and Freddy Tripp. This song is destined to hit the Beach Music charts in short order and make a run to the top; as have many of the other songs on this compilation!


Also featured on this compilation:


No Matter (Life Has Never Been Better) - Little John Thompson - Current #1 on Riptide Radio and recent #1 on The Beach Music Top 40. This song alone is worth the price of this compilation!

Big Time Scoop - Tony Galla - A MUST for your shag playlist!

You To Me Are Everything - Craig Woolard - Hit #1 on Eric Bowman's New Beach Music Countdown, currently #18 on The Beach Music Top 40 and #3 on Riptide Radio!

No Ordinary Joe - Molly Askins - Currently #9 on The Beach Music Top 40!

Oh Happy Day - Sammy O'Banion - Hit Top Five on The Beach Music Top 40 and is currently #31

My Brother, My Brother - Russell Thompkins, Jr. - Currently #26 on The Beach Music Top 40 and most definitely worth the price of admission!

Can't Get You Off My Mind - Jackie Gore - Well it's Jackie Gore and it is incredible and it will hit the charts soon!


Folks this CD is a must for your Beach Music collection! If not for the later release date, this CD would certainly have been nominated for Compilation CD Of The Year at The Carolina Beach Music Awards! I can guarantee you it will make the list next year! Chris Biehler and his outstanding roster of artists, coupled with his amazing production team, give us a compilation that is an absolute MUST for your CD collection! This CD is available for download only and will be available soon on all of the major streaming platforms. As soon as it is available, waste no time and download it right away! You will be certainly glad you did!

Catlinas CD Aug 2021.jpg

The Catalinas have released numerous singles over the last couple of years and they finally pulled them all together into their latest CD release Summer 21! The CD features charting singles such as Just A Little Misunderstanding, Take A Walk On The Boardwalk, Stranded, Cool Breeze, Hard Way To Go, Working On A Groovy Thing, Keep On Pushing Love, and Laughter In The Rain. The Catalinas legacy in Beach Music is more than secure as they have been getting it done since 1957! Yes that's right folks 1957!! They continue to add to their Beach Music legacy with the release of Summer 21! The Catalinas current lineup of Johnny Barker, Barry Duke, Donald Jordan, Dwight Nichols, Angela Resigno, Lynn Barker, Norman Allred, Robah Ogburn, and Evan Thee has never sounded better! Do yourself a favor and add Summer 21 to your CD collection! You can purchase Summer 21 at  Add it to your collection today! You will thank me later!


Other songs to keep an eye on that I will review next month if the artists will send them to me (Hint Hint):

Hey Baby - John G. Franklin

Lady Cadillac - The Heaterz

Burnin' It Up For Your Love - Sylvia Johns Ritchie



Well folks that's it for this month! Be sure to support these wonderful artists that are working so hard to keep this music we all love alive! Go to the websites I have mentioned and download the music, visit their respective websites and buy some merchandise, go see a LIVE show; whatever you can do to support these artists DO IT! Without them, this music we all love will ultimately die and nobody wants that to happen, so do whatever you can to support them!


I hope to see all of you at The Carolina Beach Music Awards Weekend November 11th - 13th! It is going to be a LARGE TIME to say the least!!


See ya at the beach!!



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