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Inside the Music                                                                March  2022

Hello Everyone!


Well the weather is starting to warm up and Spring is right around the corner! Before we know it, we will be filling the clubs in North Myrtle Beach for Spring SOS! As the weather is heating up, so is the new music being released into the Beach Music market! There is so much new material being released right now it is hard to keep up! Many of our Beach Music artists have been in the studio and while many songs have already been released, there is much more to come as we move closer to Spring SOS.


We will do our best to keep up and review as many songs as we can, so let's take a look this month at the songs that have been "officially" released. We will review others as their release dates become official in the coming months, so with that being said, let's go Inside The Music shall we?


Take Me By The Hand - Deb Browning and The Six Piece Suits

Take Me By The Hand.jpg

We mentioned here last month that the collaboration between Deb Browning and The Six Piece Suits "Take Me By The Hand" was recorded on January 27th. Well, the song has now been officially released and the results thus far have been outstanding! The song was released on Eric Bowman's New Beach Music Countdown on February 26th and it is currently #29 on that chart. The song has also cracked The Beach Music Top 40 at #38, and is currently bubbling under The Surf Top 20!


The song was written by Nicky and Kyle Hooks of The Six Piece Suits and features Kyle and Deb on the lead vocals, a match that I must say is Beach Music magic! The vocals are blended perfectly together, and Kyle and Deb's distinctive vocal styles complement each other in such a way, that it seems like they have been singing together for years!


The instrumentation on this song is second to none with an impressive arrangement of horns that borders on both the soul and jazz side, and an underlying keyboard that just brings an added element to the song. Thrown in some crafty guitar work that is weaved into the song, and folks you have a song that just grabs you from the start, and won't let you go until the classic jazz ending!


Folks I can't say enough good things about this song; it has it all: expertly blended vocals, incredible instrumentation from an outstanding group of musicians, and tip of the spear production. Throw in an infectious dance beat and folks Deb Browning and The Six Piece Suits have a major hit on their hands!


This is a song that you will definitely want to add to your collection! It will be included on a new CD compilation from Patman and Robin Records that will be released on April 29th during Spring SOS. It will also be available on all the digital download sites in the very near future. Add it to your collection as soon as you can! You will be so glad you did!


Let Me Make Love To You - R. Mark Black


R. Mark Black's legacy in Beach Music history is secure, but he keeps adding to it with recordings such as this masterful version of the Gene Chandler classic "Let  Me Make Love To You". Just as he did with his last hit, the cover of Jackie Wilson's "Whispers Getting Louder", Mark takes this classic and makes it his own. Folks that's what you have to do when you cover a Beach Music classic such as this! 


"Let Me Make Love To You" debuted on Eric Bowman's New Beach Music Countdown on February 12th and it has already moved up to #24 on that chart, and it is currently #16 on The Riptide Radio Top 20.


This song grabs you right from the start as it opens with a killer sax ride from Mark and then hooks you with an absolutely infectious dance groove. Mark delivers an epic vocal performance and coupled with impeccable instrumentation and tip of the spear production; this song is destined to reach the top of the charts. This may be Mark's best recording to date! It is that good! 


Folks do yourself a favor and head over to I Tunes and add this song to your collection today! I promise you will not be disappointed as this song delivers the goods from start to finish!


Anybody Wanna Party - Terence Lonon


Terence Lonon released his latest single "Anybody Wanna Party" February 12th on Eric Bowman's New Beach Music Countdown, and the song is currently sitting at #27 on the chart. This is a feel-good tune from "Mr. Smooth Groovin'" himself that was written by Terence as an anthem to folks who were FINALLY ready to party after not being able to party during the pandemic.


This song has an infectious dance beat that is sure to get the dancers on the floor and ready to party! If you haven't discovered Terence Lonon's music yet, do yourself a favor and head over to I Tunes and download "Anybody Wanna Party" as well as his previous releases: "Let's Have A Good Time", "Hey Pretty Lady (I Wanna Dance With You), "Smooth Groovin", and my personal favorite "Million Dollars Worth Of Love". 


Terence Lonon has been quietly making a name for himself on the Beach Music scene. Add these songs to your Beach Music collection today! I promise you will be glad you did!


You're The One I've Been Dreaming Of - Gary Alexander


Gary Alexander had quite a bit of success with his hit "You've Got Me Dancing" which hit most all of the major Beach Music charts and was nominated for Song Of The Year by The Carolina Beach Music Awards. He is back with his latest release "You're The One I've Been Dreaming Of" which was released on February 12th during Eric Bowman's New Beach Music Countdown. The song is currently #26 on Eric's chart , and I look for it to make a move up the chart in the coming weeks.


Gary Alexander was a lead guitarist and vocalist at age 15, and at age 16 he opened for Tommy James! Wow! He toured with The Entertainers for many years before moving to Nashville, and now he spends his days in his studio writing songs for himself as well as other artists from many different genres. 


As far as "You're The One I've Been Dreaming Of", Gary went to bed one night with all kinds of thoughts in his head about a song he wanted to write for himself. He said everything came together in a dream and he woke up at 3AM and wrote the song in ten minutes! Now that's getting it done folks!


The song has a bit of a country feel to it (think "You're Only Lonely" from JD Souther), and Gary delivers an epic vocal performance coupled with his always amazing guitar work. The song is right in the pocket for the shaggers so do yourself a favor and go to I Tunes today and add it to your collection. You will be glad you did!


Going Middle Aged Crazy - Heaterz


The Heaterz have been busy the last couple of years turning out songs such as "Dusk Til Dawn", "Bloody Mary", "and "Lady Cadillac", The Heaterz have cranked out another one with their release of "Going Middle Aged Crazy". The song has already cracked Eric Bowman's New Beach Music Countdown as it is currently #30 on Eric's chart. This tune is in the vein of previous Heaterz releases with a screaming harmonica, top of the line instrumentation, catchy lyrics, and tip of the spear production. Look for this tune to make a big push up the charts in the coming months! You can download "Going Middle Aged Crazy" from I Tunes or your favorite digital site. 



From the national scene, there are quite a few tunes that are popping up recently on the charts, so I thought I would mention a few of them:


62 Chevy - Keb' Mo'


Check out this killer tune from the blues master himself. Currently #12 on The Surf Top 20. From his brand-new release "Good To Be Me", this tune is readily available at all your major download sites.


Lonely Side Of Town - Old Dominion featuring Gladys Knight


Currently #17 on The Surf Top 20. This is a great tune with the legendary Gladys Knight offering some killer backing vocals. I must say I don't know how this one will work for the shaggers. It may have to be pitch adjusted, but nevertheless a great song that is working well on Beach Music radio.


A cool story about this song: The band wrote and recorded their new album "Time, Tequila, and Therapy" in Asheville, N.C. where they spent a stretch of time during the pandemic working at the city's famed Echo Mountain Recording. According to lead vocalist Matthew Ramsey: "We were standing in the hallway at the studio, because we're in Asheville making this album, and we found out that Gladys Knight lived in Asheville. And we came up with the idea of her singing on it before we knew she lived right down the street. So we're talking to the studio manager, who knew her, and we were like "Make sure to tell her that we actually are legitimate, we have hits on the radio, and we've won some awards". So they called and she was like "Of course. I don't even need to hear the song. I know these guys. I know their music". And we were like "Oh, oh, oh, ok". How cool is that!!


Some Kind Of Wonderful - Rod Stewart


You're probably thinking do we really need another version of this song? LOL. Well, this one is definitely worth a listen. It has an infectious dance beat that will be appealing to the shaggers that like their music on the faster side. Available on I Tunes and all major streaming platforms.



There were a couple of full-length CD's that were released late last year that somehow we missed, so I want to make mention of both of them this month:


Ginger Thompson Band - Straight From The Heart

Ginger Thompson.jpg

The Ginger Thompson Band has been playing in and around the Raleigh, N.C. area for many years and they recently released their newest CD project "Straight From The Heart". The CD was produced by Craig Woolard and contains 13 scorching tunes:


634-5789 - Featuring Jeff Grimes

Ain't No Mountain High Enough - Featuring Craig Woolard

At Last 

Baby I Love You

Baby It's You

Chain Of Fools - Currently #21 on The Beach Music Top 40

Dr. Feel Good

Fool In Love

I Never Loved A Man

Life Happened

More Today Than Yesterday


See Saw


Folks these are all great tracks with outstanding vocals, impressive instrumentation from a veteran group of musicians, and tip of the spear production. Definitely a CD worthy of adding to your collection! The CD is available on I Tunes or you can visit Music and Bands - The Ginger Thompson Band to purchase. 


From The Mountains To The Sea - Marsha Morgan

Marsha Morgan.jpg

During Cammy weekend last year, Marsha Morgan released her new CD "From The Mountains To The Sea" on KHP Music. This CD pulled together Marsha's impressive list of single releases into one amazing CD that you will want to add to your collection!


Tracks included on the CD:


Waste Of Time

'Til You're Gone

Love's Been Rough On Me

Is There A Lover In The House

Too Many Tears

Hurry Up Summer

This Girl Needs A Tune Up

Bad Habit

Buzz Me Baby

Walk Of Shame

If I Could See The Moon

How Am I Supposed To Live Without You

All I Wanna Do

Carolina Soul


Folks the majority of these tunes made most of the Beach Music charts and you will definitely want to add this CD to your collection! For more information on this outstanding collection of tunes visit or The CD is available at all of Marsha's live shows, so why not kill two birds with one stone; go see an outstanding band, and pick up this CD while you are there!


Well folks, that's it for this month! Hold on to your hat because there is going to be a ton of new music released in the next couple of months! We will do our best to keep up and cover them all right here, as we go Inside The Music!


See ya at the beach!



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