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Inside the Music                                                                April  2022

Hello Everyone!


Well Spring SOS is just around the corner and the amount of new Beach Music that has recently been released has been incredible. The bands and artists have been busy in the studio creating this music we all love and the best news is, there is still more being worked on and more to come in the next few weeks as we get closer to SOS. We are trying our best to keep up here, and will continue to provide you with the latest information on all of the new releases as we receive them. Thanks to all of the artists that sent me new songs this month. Without you sending me the music, this article would not be possible each month. I truly appreciate you!


With that being said, let's take a look at the new releases from this past month as we go Inside The Music!


Pucker Up - Rivermist


Rivermist burst onto the Beach Music scene with their original tune "Beach Life", which received major airplay on Beach Music radio and charted on most all of the Beach Music charts. Well the guys are back with another original tune entitled "Pucker Up", and folks this one is their best yet! Written by member Alan Pier, who also wrote "Beach Life", "Pucker Up" grabs you from the opening note and takes you on a musical journey that is well worth the ride! 


The song features an epic vocal performance from Alan Pier whose soulful vocals just get stronger as the song goes along, and an infectious dance groove that is sure to bring the dancers to the floor. The instrumentation on this song is also second to none, as it is tightly wound and rides right along with the vocal. You can tell this is a group of musicians who have been doing this for a long time! The professionalism definitely shines through! Throw in the always tip of the spear production from Doyle Wood and Daxwood Studios and folks, the guys from Rivermist have a huge hit on their hands! This song has a definite chance to head straight to the top of the charts! 


"Pucker Up" is already receiving chart action as it debuted at #20 on Riptide Radio's Top 20 on April 1st. Look for this tune to make a major push up all of the Beach Music charts in the coming months! It is that good and you will definitely want to add this one to your Beach Music collection! "Pucker Up" is available for download on all the major streaming outlets or you can visit    Well done guys!


The Real Deal - Freddy Tripp


Long time Fantastic Shakers member Freddy Tripp has released a new solo single entitled "The Real Deal". After The Fantastic Shakers decided to retire as a group, Freddy took some time off from the music industry, but he has now embarked on a new solo career. His first release "The Real Deal" is just that folks! From the opening guitar riffs, this song hooks you from start to finish. Freddy's vocal sounds as if he hasn't missed a beat, and the instrumentation on the track is second to none. Throw in the always outstanding production we have become accustomed to from a Freddy Tripp project, and folks we have a no doubt hit on our hands! As a Beach Music Hall of Famer, Freddy Tripp's legacy in Beach Music is secure, but he is adding to that legacy with "The Real Deal". That you are Freddy! For more information on where you can find Freddy Tripp, visit his Facebook page Freddy Tripp Music or his website


Poor Side Of Town - The Main Event Band


The Main Event Band struck it big last year with their version of "Hello Stranger". Featuring the sultry vocals of Sharon Hyler Woodruff, "Hello Stranger" charted on every major Beach Music chart and ascended to the top of many. Well, the group is back with another outstanding cover tune: "Poor Side Of Town". Once again featuring the sultry vocals of Sharon Hyler Woodruff, this tune starts off with a smooth sax ride that is the perfect intro for what is to come; outstanding underlying horns that ride along perfectly with the vocal, a leave no doubt vocal performance from Sharon, and a killer sax solo to boot! Throw in tip of the spear production, and The Main Event Band have another monster hit on their hands! It takes a lot of nerve to cover a classic such as this, but at the advice of Alan Brantley, The Main Event Band took this song and absolutely made it their own! "Poor Side Of Town" is already receiving major chart action as it is currently #18 on The Surf Top 20, and #25 on Eric Bowman's New Beach Music Countdown. Look for this tune to make a full frontal assault on all of the Beach Music charts in the coming months!


Oak Island Girl - Calypso Joe and The Coconuts


Charlie Sattenfield has left his imprint on Beach Music recently by writing such hits as "Beach Vacation" for The Embers and Archie Bell, "Ocean Drive" for Archie Bell, "I Miss You Babe" for Christina Black, and "Summertime Memories" for Craig Woolard and Tim Cashion. Well some of you may not know that Charlie has his own group entitled Calypso Joe and The Coconuts, formed with Nashville producer Stacy Hogan and Michael Lusk, the bass player for Loretta Lynn. Calypso Joe and The Coconuts have already given us two fun tunes; "New Latitude", and most recently, "A Bar In Belize". Well the group is back at it with another Charlie penned tune entitled "Oak Island Girl". Featuring vocals from Michael, and production from Stacy, this is another fun tune from these guys that will work for that fun loving party crowd! Look for "Oak Island Girl" to be available soon on all of the major streaming platforms. For more information on Calypso Joe and The Coconuts, and other projects he is working on, visit Charlie Sattenfield's Facebook page. Look for more songs and projects from this ultra talented writer in the coming months!!


A Little Lovin', A Little Heartache - Autumn Tyde


Doyle Wood has had recent success on the Beach Music charts with duets with Terri Gore, Sylvia Johns Ritchie, Laura Stevens, Gary Lowder, and Jim Quick. He has also been on the production side of the glass for many years working with artists such as Clifford Curry, Billy Scott, Maurice Williams, Jim Quick, and most recently, The Heaterz, and Rivermist. Now Doyle has decided to put a group together and play live again. In Doyle's college days, Autumn was a group of young, talented musicians playing covers from just about everyone including Chicago, Blood Sweat and Tears, The Eagles, and The Temptations. They played country clubs, private parties, and festivals, and opened for several major acts including The Allman Brothers, George Strait, and Ronnie Milsap. Years later, Doyle has put together an outstanding, diversified group of musicians! Introducing Autumn Tyde: Doyle Wood: vocals and guitar; Mike Daniels: vocals, bass guitar, and keys; Bob James: vocals, keys, guitar, bass guitar; Dez Humphrey: vocals and drums; and Dr. Ted Ray: tenor and soprano sax. This talented group of musicians has released it's first single entitled "A Little Bit Of Lovin', A Little Bit Of Heartache" featuring Doyle on the lead vocals and boy it is a good one! Featuring an outstanding vocal from Doyle, incredible instrumentation from this talented group of musicians, and tip of the spear production to boot, "A Little Bit Of Lovin', A Little Bit Of Heartache", is destined to move up all of the Beach Music charts in the coming months! The song is available for download on all major platforms so do yourself a favor and download it today! You will be glad you did!!


Carolina Night - Randy Clay Band

thumbnail (1).jpg

The Randy Clay Band currently has a couple of tunes still doing very well on the Beach Music charts including "Real Good Time", and "3 Wishes". Well the group is not sitting still as they have just released their newest single "Carolina Night". This is another tune for the band that should do really well on Beach Music radio as it tells a story that we are all familiar with: meeting that Carolina Girl and spending a Carolina Night with her; "walking hand in hand, toes in the sand". The Randy Clay Band is an ultra talented group of musicians whose releases keep getting stronger and stronger! Look for "Carolina Night" to continue their recent run of charting singles!! "Carolina Night" will be available soon on all of the major download platforms. Download it as soon as it is available! You will be glad you did!


As we inch ever so closer to SOS, be on the look out for:


Brand new Band Of Oz CD:


Yes, the wait is finally over! The long-awaited new studio release from the Band Of Oz will be released on or around April 20th, just prior to the start of SOS! The CD will be entitled "Coolin' Out" and will include the previously released title track, "All You Get From Love Is A Love Song", "Rock It Little Baby", and their latest smash single release "You To Me Are Everything", which debuted on The Surf Top 20 at #5 this past week and is destined to be another #1 for the group! We will have a full review of the new CD next month, but folks be on the look out for this one as you will definitely want to add this one to your collection!!


Brand new Gary Lowder CD:


Gary Lowder and Smokin' Hot have been just that of late with so many hits they are too numerous to list here! With songs such as "I've Got The Feeling", and "Just Like Falling In Love" still topping many Beach Music charts, the group is set to release yet ANOTHER CD at SOS entitled "The After Party". Gary teased the CD with Jim Quick on 94.9 The Surf a couple of weeks ago and the couple of tunes that have made their way onto the Beach Music airwaves so far are outstanding! Look for "Any Other Love" to be a chart topper for the group and I'm sure there will be a few more from the CD that will top the charts as well!!


Brand new compilation CD from KHP Music:


The details and the final track listing are still being worked on, but there will be a brand-new various artists compilation CD released by KHP Music in the coming weeks. It may be ready by SOS, but if not, it will be released soon afterwards. KHP Music has always released high quality CD compilations chocked full of hits and I'm sure this one will carry on that tradition! Check back here for a full review once the CD is released!


Brand new compilation CD from Patman and Robin Records:


Fresh off of their win for CD Compilation of The Year for "A Little More Love", Pat Patterson and his lovely wife Robin (aka Patman and Robin) are back at it again as they will release their brand new compilation CD "Happy Go Lucky" with a CD Release Party at Deckerz in North Myrtle Beach on April 29th! Among others, the CD will include the title track from Don Dixon as well as new music from The Gold Standard Band, The Shag Doctorz, Tim Cashion and Craig Woolard, Doyle Wood and Sylvia Johns Ritchie, The Carolina Coast Band, Vance Kennedy, Deb Browning and The Six Piece Suits, and many others!! Be sure to join Pat and myself as we will host the CD Release Party at Deckerz on April 29th from 12-4! We will have copies of the CD available for purchase that day and many of the artists on the CD will stop by and sing their songs! It will definitely be a LARGE TIME that you don't want to miss!!


Well folks that's it for this month!! Tons of new music still to be released in the coming weeks! We will do our best to keep you updated right here Inside The Music!!


Hope to see you at Deckerz on April 29th!!


See ya at the beach!



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