June 2021

Yes Oh Yes It's SOS Again!! After being cancelled last year, and being rescheduled for this year, the 2021 Spring SOS is finally here! In the summertime! The fun officially kicks off on June 19th in North Myrtle Beach, S.C. and will run for seven days until June 26th. There will be bands and DJ's in every club up and down Main Street Ocean Drive, and how awesome it is going to be to see the clubs packed out once again! If you are able to make the event this year, make sure you go out and support all of the clubs, bands, and DJ's! It has been hard on everyone this past year and they all need our love and support!

There will be no shortage of new music to fill the air at Spring SOS. We have covered many of the new songs you should hear during the event, and we will cover more in this month's edition. The artists have been working so hard to keep the music flowing this past year, and it will be great to see some of this new music performed live, as well as to see how the songs perform on the dance floor!

With that being said, let's go Inside The Music shall we?

I teased it a little last month, but this month I want to start

out by taking a closer look at the first compilation CD project

released in 2021. While there has been a plethora of single

releases this year, there had yet to be a compilation CD

released in 2021. Well that all changed on April 30th as

Patman and Robin Records released their 8th CD compilation

entitled "A Little More Love". Patman and Robin Records was

formed in 2010, and since it's inception, they have turned out

quality product; winning the Carolina Beach Music Award for

Compilation CD Of The Year in 2016, 2018, and 2019. 

Their 2021 project may be their best yet! Featuring the title track, "A Little More Love" from Lesa Hudson and Mike Taylor; which was the Carolina Beach Music Awards 2020 Song Of The Year and is still on most every Beach Music chart today, the CD contains 17 songs from some of the top artists in Beach Music! 

The Main Event Band contributed their absolute smokin' version of "Hello Stranger" to the project and the song has skyrocketed up the charts and hit #1 on Riptide Radio a couple of weeks ago. Sharon Hyler Woodruff's voice is perfect for this song and she delivers in stunning fashion!

Rickey Godfrey gets in on the fun with his rendition of "My Hearts Got A Mind Of It's Own"; and yes this is the song that Rickey's former band mate Marty Ojeda released several years ago, but Rickey gives it just enough of a twist to make it all his own in that classic Rickey style!

The Carolina Coast Band featuring Rhonda McDaniel delivers their scorching blues number "Bluemonia", which is starting to gain a lot of traction in the market. This is a song that is just perfect for Rhonda and she delivers in that bluesy style we have become accustomed to!! The Carolina Coast Band is made up of several veteran performers including Joey Werner, formally of The Out Of Towners. You can catch them live during SOS at Deckerz Bar and Grill on Wednesday June 23rd and Thursday June 24th. Look for "Bluemonia" to be a sure fire floor filler during SOS and make a move up the Beach Music charts!

Dana Jones and The Bruce Caldwell Project deliver the goods on "Southern Girl On A Summer Night". That killer sax you hear is from Bruce Caldwell. That soulful voice is Dana Jones, which many will remember from The Fabulous Shades. Combine the two and you have Beach Music magic!! I bet there will be lots of Southern Girls On A Summer Night strolling Main Street Ocean Drive in North Myrtle Beach June 19th - June 26th! There ain't no prettier sight!!

Sylvia Johns Ritchie has been all over the Beach Music charts the last few years and she gives us another strong effort with "Gonna Stop My Lookin'" . The song is currently #5 on John Hook's Beach Music Top 40 and continuing to climb!

The Embers featuring Craig Woolard's 2018 release "Together" was chocked full of hits but one song that kind of flew under the radar was "So Sensual". You will find this hidden gem, featuring Craig's outstanding vocal effort, included on the CD. 

The Magic Band, based out of Greenwood, S.C. was formed in October 1979. That's 41 years of getting it done folks! The group won a Battle Of The Bands competition sponsored by a local radio station; defeating a band that would later become known as Jackyl (yes the MTV hair band that would go on to sell several million records). The victory earned them the opportunity to open for REO Speedwagon in front of 7,000 fans at Greenwood Memorial Auditorium! Having played mostly classic rock throughout their existence, The Magic Band dips their toes into the Beach Music market with their rendition of "Where Are You Tonight". Written by Tom Johnston of Doobie Brothers fame, and featured on the Dirty Dancing soundtrack, this song is a perfect fit for the Beach Music market and The Magic Band nails this song from start to finish. DJ's I promise this will be a sure fire floor filler if only given the chance! Check it out!

Split Shot burst on to the Beach Music scene with their #1 smash "Ready To Roll" and they are back with their follow up "Doing That Thing We Do". This song has already stormed up John Hook's Beach Music Top 40 and continues to receive major airplay across the Southeast. 

Other songs included on the project:

"You Don't Owe Me A Thing" - Dip Ferrell and The Truetones

"Ain't No Big Thing" - The Shag Doctorz

"Young Love" - Don Dixon

"Lookin' For A Love" - The Gold Standard Band

"TB's Shack" - Ronnie Hopkins

"Every Time I Close My Eyes" - Carolina Coast Band

"Our Paradise" - Wayne Free

"You Don't Have A Thing To Lose" - Rick Strickland

Folks I have done all I can do to inform you of how good this project is. If you are a Beach Music lover, do yourself a favor and go to http://www.largetime.net and order your copy today. Seventeen songs for only $15.00. You can't beat it! Add this CD to your collection today!

Now let's take a look at some of the new single releases that have hit the market this past month!

Forevermore Music has been increasingly busy these last few months in anticipation of Spring SOS! The label has already released three songs into the market that are screaming up the Beach Music charts: 

"No Matter" (Life Has Never Been Better) - Little John Thompson (reviewed here in April and currently #11 on John Hook's Beach Music Top 40)

"Oh Happy Day" - Sammy O'Banion (reviewed here last month and currently #27 on John Hook's Beach Music Top 40)

"No Ordinary Joe" - Molly Askins Ford (reviewed here last month and currently #21 on John Hook's Beach Music Top 40)

Well Chris Biehler has three more songs that should receive strong airplay during Spring SOS and storm up the Beach Music charts in the coming months!

"You To Me Are Everything" - Craig Woolard

Craig Woolard and Chris Biehler have worked magic together in the past; i.e. on what I consider now a Beach Music classic "Love Don't Come No Stronger". Well they have done it again with Craig's latest release "You To Me Are Everything". This song just hooks you from the beginning and doesn't let go! Craig's vocal, the horns, the rhythmic groove just gets in your head and you can't get it out! Chris Biehler and Forevermore Music have set the standard for production in this market for years, and this song is no exception! Produced by Craig and Chris, and engineered by Angel Figueroa, the production on this song is impeccable! Already at #24 on Eric Bowman's New Beach Music Countdown and #34 on John Hook's Beach Music Top 40, look for this song to have a meteoric rise up the charts this summer! The track will be available for download on Amazon and I Tunes. Add it to your collection as soon as you can!


"Big Time Scoop" - Tony Galla


Tony Galla puts his spin on the classic "Big Time Scoop", a shag favorite for decades. Produced by Tony and Chris Biehler, and engineered by Angel Figueroa and Chris Tedesco, look for this tune to find it's way onto the playlists of all the DJ's across the Southeast! Would love to spin this tune for a packed crowd at Fat Harold's on a Saturday night! You wouldn't be able to keep them off the dance floor!! This tune will be available for download on Amazon and I Tunes and will be included on Tony's forthcoming album entitled "In Love Again". Can't wait to hear more from this talented artist!!


"My Brother My Brother" - Russell Thompkins, Jr.


Russell Thompkins, Jr. has secured his place in Beach Music history with his work on all of those legendary Stylistics tunes that are included on every Beach Music DJ's playlist! Still going strong at the ripe young age of 70, Russell stepped back into the studio with Chris Biehler, Angel Figueroa, and Glenn Barrett at Morningstar Studios in Philadelphia, P.A. and laid down a monster track! Folks my writing about it doesn't do this track justice. You have to hear it to believe it! This track is that good! Russell turns in a vocal performance like he is still in his teens; the horns are absolutely amazing, and the production is impeccable. Just like we have come to expect from Forevermore Music! This song was debuted by Britt Hardy on his Party Of A Lifetime show on Friday June 4th, and was featured as the Lighthouse Lookout Song Of The Week on Eric Bowman's New Beach Music Countdown on June 5th. Look for this tune to put a full frontal assault on the Beach Music charts this summer! The song will be available for download on Amazon and I Tunes in the near future and will be included on Russell's forthcoming album entitled "My Brother". Can't wait to hear the rest of the album! The Beach Music industry should cherish the work this amazing talent continues to produce!! Thanks Chris and Russell for this amazing work!


"I'll Find A Love" - Mike Taylor and Julius Pittman


Most everyone reading this article knows that Mike Taylor is the legendary front man of the Beach Music Hall of Fame Group The Holiday Band. But do you know who Julius Pittman is? i didn't either until the two teamed together to give us this smokin' new tune entitled "I'll Find A Love". Julius is a Richmond, VA area songwriter and musician who has been popular in that area for years, He fronts his own group Julius Pittman and The Revival and I can tell you when these boys are on stage it is a true SOUL revival! Check out Julius Pittman and The Revival on I Tunes and YouTube and you will understand what I mean!! "I'll Find A Love" is an original tune written by Julius and when he and Mike get together, SOUL REVIVAL takes place!! The song is currently charting on John Hook's Beach Music Top 40 at #33 and I expect this song to make a strong push up all of the Beach Music charts this summer!!

"Smile" - Keith Stone and Dave Maffris

Keith Stone and Dave Maffris have teamed up for many projects over the years but not all have exactly fit into the Beach Music market. Well I can tell you that this one does!! "Smile" featuring Keith Stone on trumpet and Dave Maffris on keyboards, was recorded at Dave Maffris' The Shed recording studio in Calabash, NC. Dave arranged the song, created the horn arrangement, and played keyboards and provided all other instrumentation on the track, as well as serving as producer and recording engineer. The song, a remake of Charlie Chaplin's 1936 classic composition, was made in the Shag style and is rising up the charts. Although Dave is a relative newcomer to the Beach Music scene, he has become well known in the Grand Strand and Wilmington, NC area, and Keith is an inductee of the Carolina Beach Music Hall of Fame, and is a  long-time veteran of this genre, performing regularly with Gary Lowder and Smokin' Hot. Dave and Keith perform as a duo in various clubs in the area, and they have collaborated many times over the past 4 years. Their most successful release was "Some Enchanted Evening", which is still on the charts after two years, and features Keith, Dave, and Keith's mega-talented daughter, Maggie Stone on vocals. Dave and Keith have also released a cover of Bill Withers' "A Lovely Day," and several original works, some of which are featured on Keith's 2019 CD release "Point of View," Dave released his latest CD, "I Can," in 2020, available on iTunes, Spotify, and all other major music streaming platforms. Both Dave and Keith are planning to perform regularly in the area, and release more new music as the year progresses. Can't wait to hear more from this talented duo!!

"Real Good Time" - The Randy Clay Band

This is a fun scorching song by The Randy Clay Band and is so fitting as we head into Spring SOS! How many people will wake up the morning after a night out at Spring SOS and say "I Heard I Had A Real Good Time Last Night"? More than will admit I promise you!! This song should be the anthem for Spring SOS as many people venture out to party for the first time in a long time! I plan to be there and I hope we can all say "I Heard I Had A Real Good Time Last Night"! What a fitting song for this time of year by The Randy Clay Band featuring David Hannon!! Download this fun tune from I Tunes today!!


Well that's it for this month folks! There were a few more songs released this month that I was chasing but didn't receive them in time for publication so hopefully we can cover them next month. Remember if you want your songs covered in this article you have to send them to me at craigfleming1@att.net. I can't say it if I can't play it!


I hope everyone has a GREAT Spring SOS if you are able to make it to the beach this month! If you are able to make it, please remember to support the bands, DJ's, clubs, bartenders, waitresses, buy CD's, etc. This past year, with little to no events at all, was tough on everyone! Let's help out all these folks that work so hard to keep our music and lifestyle possible and make this the most successful SOS ever!


Until next time when we go Inside The Music....


See ya at the beach!



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