May 2021

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I hope everyone is enjoying all of the new music that has flooded the industry the last couple of months. The artists in our industry have really been working hard in the studio and it is showing in the quality of the releases. Many of the new releases are climbing the charts and as we head into the summer months and Spring SOS (or is it Summer SOS now?), expect plenty more new music to enter the market. 

With that being said, let's go Inside The Music and take a look at some of the recent new releases that have hit the Beach Music airwaves!

The Beach and The Boulevard - Cat5 Band

Since their inception the Cat5 Band has become a major force in the Beach Music industry. Consisting of some of the finest vocalists and instrumentalists in the industry, the band continues to turn out hit after hit including "Slow Steady Groove" and their three current hits on the Beach Music charts: "Ain't Nothing Better", "Something Said Love", and "Steal Away". Their latest release "The Beach and The Boulevard" was released on April 23rd and debuted on 94.9 The Surf to rave reviews. The song was also featured on Ray Scott's Riptide Radio Deckerz deck party that afternoon and the video debuted on Eric Bowman's New Beach Music Countdown on April 24th. 

Tim Sidden, keyboard player for the group, had this song from his time in Nashville, TN. The song was written about 8 years ago by Buddy Owens, a Nashville song writer who has written songs for Blake Shelton and Miranda Lambert. Tim pitched the song to the band and they loved it and decided it was time to record the song. The group debated who should sing the lead vocals but ultimately decided Glenn Tippett had the perfect voice for this song, and he absolutely nailed it! 

The band dedicated the song to the memory of their late bass player Hugh "Tuff" Blanton as this was the last track Hugh played on. About three or four weeks before he died, they recorded Tuff's bass track, Tim said that Tuff was determined to play on this song and his memory will live on through the song.

In my opinion, this is one of the finest releases to hit the industry in years. If there ever has been a sure fire #1 song this is it! The song has it all: great production, instrumentation, and a killer vocal performance from Glenn! I fully expect this song to become an "anthem" for summertime at the beach and ascend to the top of all the Beach Music charts in short order. You can download "The Beach and The Boulevard" as well as check out the video of the song at  Do yourself a favor and add this outstanding new release to your Beach Music collection! You will be glad you did!

Hipit - Wallstreet

Back in 2005, Odell Mickens sent me a song entitled "It's Finally Friday". I thought the song was perfect for the Beach Music market and sent the song to Mike Farver, who remixed and mastered the song for the One20inc (now that's a blast from the past) compilation "Soul Street III". The song has since become a Friday Beach Music anthem for many Beach Music DJ's. Since that debut in 2005, Wallstreet has put together a string of hits including "Little Things", "He and She", "Closing Time", "Rocking and Reeling" and "Such a Beautiful Girl". The band is at it again with their latest release "Hipit", which may be their best to date. How many Beach Music songs kick off with a Hammond B3?? Well this one does and it rocks from start to finish! The beat, the horns, the groove, it's all here in this release! Odell Mickens is the long time bass player for the legendary Trammps and he certainly knows how to produce an outstanding Beach Music release! Look for "Hipit" to make a strong assault on the Beach Music charts in the coming months! For more information on Wallstreet visit

I Miss You Babe - Christina Cooper Black

Christina Cooper Black debuted her new song "I Miss You Babe" with Mike Worley on the Tiki Deck at HOTO's on Friday, April 30th. The video debuted on Eric Bowman's New Beach Music Countdown on Saturday, May 1st. The song was written by Charlie Sattenfield about 5 years ago and his family told him it was time to release the song. Tim Sidden pitched the song to Christina and she absolutely loved it. The song was produced by Tim and is dedicated to the special memory of Christina's late husband, the legendary Tommy Black, as well as those the Beach Music industry lost this past year. The video is available on Christina's Facebook page as well as You Tube. If you are a Beach Music lover, make sure you have a tissue handy when you watch the video as it is will bring tears to your eyes. "I Miss You Babe" is available for download on I Tunes and I expect this song to climb the charts over the coming months. 

Beach Life - Rivermist

Rivermist was formed in July 2014 in Fayetteville, N.C. The band is a collaboration of musicians who have played in and around the Fayetteville area for more than thirty years. Rivermist's love of audience appeal, along with their desire to preserve a genre of music familiar to their roots is what sparked the formation of the group. The band's first entry into the Beach Music market is an original song written by band member Alan Pier. The song is a fun summer song that is already steadily moving up the Beach Music charts. Look for this song to continue to move up the charts as we move into the summer months. You can download "Beach Life" from I Tunes or visit the bands website  I hope we hear more from this talented group of musicians in the near future!

New Latitude - Calypso Joe and The Coconuts

Another fun summer song also written by Charlie Sattenfield is "New Latitude" by Calypso Joe and The Coconuts. This song is steadily moving up the Beach Music charts and is available for download on I Tunes. This song is a must listen for that day when we long for some Beach time, or a New Latitude! In case you didn't know, Charlie Sattenfield also wrote current hit "Ocean Drive" by Archie Bell and "Beach Vacation" from The Embers and Archie Bell as well as numerous other songs for the Beach Music market. In doing research for this article, I couldn't find much information on Calypso Joe and The Coconuts, but putting two and two together, I wonder is Charlie Sattenfield Calypso Joe? Hmmm. Inquiring minds want to know. For more information on Charlie, visit his Facebook page. I look forward to many more hits from this talented songwriter!

Ordinary Joe - Molly Askins Ford

Fresh off of her smashing duet with Craig Woolard entitled "Take My Heart:, which was included on Forevermore Music's 25th Anniversary edition of the Walk That Walk CD, Molly Askins Ford is back at it! Again working with Christopher Biehler of Forevermore Music, Molly and Chris have worked their magic again and given us a tune that should receive major airplay across the Southeast in the coming months. Look for "Ordinary Joe" to crack all of the Beach Music charts! Outstanding work again from the studios of Forevermore Music! 

Oh Happy Day - Sammy O'Banion

Sammy O'Banion is working on a full length gospel CD and the first cut "Oh Happy Day" is already receiving airplay across the Southeast. Can't wait to hear more of this great gospel music from the legendary Sammy O'Banion, who with this new release, continues to prove he is one of the most versatile performers in the industry. Sammy can do it all! 

Coming Back For More  - Chadwick Station

Chadwick Station has been one of the more interesting entries into the Beach Music world. The London band, who relocated to Nashville, put their first song on to the Beach Music charts last year with "Cryin' Ain't Gonna Win Her Back". This song was one of my absolute favorite releases of 2020 and the video was an absolute classic!! With a killer brass section and outstanding vocal harmonies, Chadwick Station has everything you want in a Carolina Beach Music band! But are they a beach band? They certainly have all of the characteristics! Their sound has been described as pure retro R&B, like the Sound of Philadelphia, or Stax out of Memphis back in the day! Contagious brass. Rhythmic drums. Dirty horns. Makes you want to dance. Well that's what we call Beach Music down south! Their latest release "Coming Back For More" has all of the same qualities as "Cryin"; especially those dirty horns! RGM Magazine describes "Coming Back For More" best: "This song is a versatile and bright mix of the band's roots in Britain and their influence from America that will have you on your feet and ironically "Coming Back For More!". You can download all of Chadwick Stations music at their website as well as view the video to "Coming Back For More" which features a couple shagging to the song. I wonder if their London fans shag to their music?? Hmmm...

Lotta Love - The Tonez

Fresh off their win as the 2020 Carolina Beach Music Award's Rising Star, The Tonez have released their latest single "Lotta Love". Written by Grammy Award winner Neil Young, "Lotta Love" is sure to bring the dancers to their feet. The Tonez have put a fresh spin on this classic tune that is sure to lift your spirits and make your toes tap. With a driving groove and the smooth sound you expect from The Tonez, their latest song features their newest member, Laura Kepley. Laura's voice is beautiful, unique, and charismatic! (Courtesy of one sheet provided by Green Dot Records)

The Tonez 2021 schedule is packed with shows across The Carolina's. Check out to catch them in a city near you. Expect "Lotta Love" to do well across the Beach Music charts this summer. 

Well that's a look at some of the single releases of the past month, but if you are like me, you have just been itching for a new compilation CD release! Well folks, we finally have our first one of the new year!! Patman and Robin Records released their eighth compilation CD entitled "A Little More Love" on April 30th and YES the title track is the 2020 Carolina Beach Music Awards Song Of The Year "A Little More Love" from Mike Taylor and Lesa Hudson! Produced and engineered by the legendary Buddy Strong, this latest CD from Patman and Robin just might very well be their best yet! Also included on this new release:

Hello Stranger - Main Event Band

This song is currently tearing up all of the Beach Music charts and sits as high as #2 on Riptide Radio's Top 20!

Gonna Stop My Lookin - Sylvia Johns Ritchie

Currently #10 on John Hook's Beach Music Top 40

My Heart's Got A Mind Of It's Own - Rickey Godfrey

Yes Rickey covers his former band mate Marty Ojeda's tune but puts just enough of a different spin on it to make it his own!

So Sensual - The Embers featuring Craig Woolard

From their 2018 release "Together", this song was lost among all of the great tunes on that CD but is given new life on this release! What a great song from Craig!

Where Are You Tonight - Magic Band

Many of you are probably saying who? The Magic Band is based out of Greenwood, S.C. and I promise you are going to LOVE this song! This has been my pick from the CD from the very beginning!

Other songs on the release include:

Young Love - Don Dixon

You Don't Owe Me A Thing - Dip Ferrell and The Truetones

Bluemonia - Carolina Coast Band featuring Rhonda McDaniel

Southern Girl - Dana Jones and The Bruce Caldwell Project

You Don't Have A Thing To Lose - Rick Strickland

Doin' That Thing We Do - Split Shot

Ain't No Big Thing - The Shag Doctorz

Everytime I Close My Eyes - Carolina Coast Band

Lookin' For A Love - The Gold Standard Band

TB's Shack - Ronnie Hopkins

Our Paradise - Wayne Free

I will do a complete review of this new CD in next month's edition but don't wait that long to grab your copy of this new CD! Go to and order your copy today!! Folks it's only $15.00 for 17 brand new songs! That's less than a dollar a song; cheaper than downloading each individual song on I Tunes or other streaming platforms! Do your music collection a favor and add this CD to your collection today! I promise you will be glad you did!

Well that's it for another month! The summer months are coming and the bands are starting to get out more and more. Please go out and support these artists who are working so hard to keep this music we all love alive!!

And remember; artists, record labels, and promoters if you want your music covered in this space, please send it to me at  I can't say it if I can't play it!

Until next time....

See ya at the beach!