INSIDE THE MUSIC                                                                                                                    SEPTEMBER 2021


Well folks it is hard to believe that as of this writing, it is Labor Day weekend and the official end of Summer is upon us! I was able to spend Labor Day weekend in North Myrtle Beach and the beaches and clubs were packed with people soaking up the last official weekend of Summer. Mike Worley and 94.9 The Surf held their last Tiki bar broadcast of the Summer on the deck at HOTO's, and the place was packed! Not an empty bar stool in the place! Ray Scott and The Riptide Radio Deck Party at Deckerz also had an overflow crowd on the deck and in the parking lot! 


So as Summer comes to a close, it's time to gear up for SOS Fall Migration in North Myrtle Beach September 16th - 26th. For a full event schedule, including band and DJ schedules, check out the Society of Stranders Facebook page. All SOS clubs have entertainment lined up for the entire ten day event. I expect the clubs and beaches will be overflowing with folks who might not have been able to make SOS in the Summer. It is going to be a great time for all, and it will be good for the clubs who missed out on the revenue normally brought in during the Spring Safari.


As I mentioned last month, I will be at Deckerz on the last Friday of the event, September 24th, with my good friend Pat Patterson. We will be rocking the parking lot from 12-4, and then we will join Ray Scott from 4-8 for the Riptide Radio Wild and Crazy Deck Party. The deck party will be simulcast live on both Riptide Radio and The Large Time Radio Network. Folks this is going to be the event of Fall SOS; so make your plans to be at Deckerz on September 24th! Bring a lawn chair and plan to stay for the entire day! There will be an outdoor dance floor so bring your dancing shoes as well! I promise there is going to be a LARGE TIME had by all at Deckerz! Hope to see you there and stop by and say hello!


With that being said, let's now go Inside The Music and take a look at some of the new releases that hit the Beach Music airwaves this past month. August was a bit of a slow month for new music, but there were a few releases worthy of mention:


Summertime Memories - Craig Woolard and Tim Cashion


The last time these two teamed up, they gave us the hit "Everything" which was featured on The Embers 2018 CD release "Together", and was a mainstay on all Beach Music charts for many months. Well they are back, and their timing could not be more perfect, as we all think about our Summertime Memories as Summer comes to a close. This is an original tune written by Charlie Sattenfield, who has recently given us Beach Music hits "Ocean Drive" by Archie Bell, "Miss You Babe" by Christina Cooper Black, and "New Latitude" from Calypso Joe and The Coconuts. Look for "Summertime Memories" to make some noise on the Beach Music charts in the coming months as it features two of Beach Music's most accomplished musicians! Both Craig and Tim have had recent chart topping releases with Craig's "You To Me Are Everything" and Tim's "Sho Nuf Do". Can they join forces and take "Summertime Memories" to the top? We shall see.....


Days Of Sandy Toes and Salty Kisses - Doyle Wood and Sylvia Johns Ritchie

Doyle Wood and Sylvia Johns Ritchie were busy working the clubs Labor Day weekend promoting their new release, and I had the pleasure of seeing them perform it live at Deckerz. Both Doyle and Sylvia have had tremendous success as solo artists with Sylvia recently topping the Beach Music Top 40 with her song "Gonna Stop My Lookin". Now they have teamed up to give us another song about those magical days of Summer's past. This is an original tune written by Sylvia, Doyle, and Bill Coffey; and features outstanding instrumentation with Sylvia on the piano, R. Mark Black on saxophone, and a host of ultra talented studio musicians from Daxwood Studio. The song also has a really cool video which debuted on Eric Bowman's New Beach Music Countdown on Saturday, September 4th. This tune has all the makings of a Beach Music hit: great vocal performance from both Doyle and Sylvia, outstanding instrumentation, tip of the spear production, and lyrics that bring back those special memories. Look for this fun tune to also make some noise on the Beach Music charts in the coming months! This tune is available on all major streaming platforms including I Tunes and Spotify. Do yourself a favor and add this fun tune to your Beach Music collection! You will be glad you did!

Merry Go Round - Jerry Powell and The Carnival Band featuring Dave Sandy

Jerry Powell has had a long run of success with his album "Highly Recreational Man", which has spawned several #1 hits across the Beach Music/Tropical Americana charts including "Still Falling" and "Rockabilly Rock and Roll". Now he is back with his band mates from The Carnival Band to give us an absolute smokin' new tune entitled "Merry Go Round". This song has been in the works for awhile now, but it was well worth the wait. Dave Sandy delivers a scorchin' vocal on the lead microphone and throw into the mix the world famous Muscle Shoals Sound Rhythm Section, and folks you have a hit on your hands. This song has it all: outstanding vocal performance, incredible instrumentation, and second to none production! Look for this tune to make a strong push up the Beach Music charts in the coming months; even a push toward #1. It is that good! Folks don't miss out on this one. Go to your favorite streaming platform and download "Merry Go Round" today! You will be so glad you did!

Bootyshaker - Chase Given

In a recent press release, Chase Given announced the release of his new single "Bootyshaker":

Given Take Records is excited to release Chase Given’s third single, titled “Bootyshaker” to the Carolina Beach Music & Southern Soul Market. This song, written by Chase is a tribute to great soul, funk, and disco classics from Prince, Earth Wind & Fire, and James Brown. Often referred to as a “banger”, “Bootyshaker” is guaranteed to not just inspire you to tap your feet, but to shake your booty!

With recent successful original song releases such as “Let’s Dance”, a Yacht Rock inspired track, which peaked in the Top 10 of several Beach Music charts, and “Just My Baby & Me”, a classic sand in your shoes tune which peaked on Eric Bowman’s chart at #2, Chase was excited to completely shift gears and show a different side of his musical taste. 

“Bootyshaker’ is now available at, as well as Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon Music, and all other major Digital Music Download & Streaming Markets.

It is refreshing to see an artist step completely out of the box and try something new and explore a different side of his musical taste. This is a tune you can have some fun with. Give it a spin for your party crowd and see what happens!

For more information, visit

Stay Baby Stay - Mike Taylor

Holiday Band front man Mike Taylor has been busy of late. His duet with Julius Pittman, "I'll Find A Love" has been receiving a lot of airplay on the Beach Music airwaves and is currently #24 on The Beach Music Top 40 and #38 on The Smokin' 45. Now Mike is back with a solo effort entitled "Stay Baby Stay" written by Jim McDonald and it has also cracked the Beach Music Top 40 at #36. I asked Mike if he was going to release this song on a CD and he said he might do a solo album. Now that would be cool! Mike Taylor's Beach Music legacy is secure, but he keeps adding to it with new original material like "Stay Baby Stay". 

There are a couple of other projects that I want to make mention of and both are outstanding!

Sammy O'Banion - Praise

I always enjoy my conversations with Sammy O'Banion because not only is he one of the most talented artists in our industry, but he is also one of the most honest and straight forward. Sammy is going to tell it like it is! During our most recent conversation, Sammy said he needed a follow up to his hit "Ring A Ling" (which I found out he wrote in about ten minutes!), and he knew in his heart it was going to be a gospel tune; thus we got his smokin' version of "Oh Happy Day" which is storming up the Beach Music Top 40, currently sitting at #5! Well that gospel itch for Sammy turned into a five song project entitled "Praise", which also includes "Whole World", "People Get Ready", "Amazing Grace", and "Thank You Lord". Folks this is an amazing project! With impeccable production from Freddy Tripp, and Sammy's vocals never sounding better, there are three more hits on this project! "Whole World" will probably be the next song released from the project and it includes Sammy being backed up by some amazing back up vocalists! It sounds like a church choir and it make me want to go to church! It also has a perfect tempo for the dancers; for those who like a little gospel shag! 

It takes a lot of confidence to cover a gospel classic like "People Get Ready", but Sammy absolutely nails it! With a perfect blend of Sammy's vocal and that same group of backup vocalists, this song checks all the boxes! Impeccable production, outstanding instrumentation, and Sammy never sounding better! Just an absolute smooth groove that is so pleasing on the ears! I've ran out of superlatives to describe this song! 

"Thank You Lord" is an up tempo groove that will have you clapping your hands and wanting to say Hallelujah! Sammy's vocal on this tune is absolutely incredible and I would love to be in a church with Sammy doing this song! I wouldn't be able to stay in my seat for long!

Folks Sammy OBanion's Beach Music legacy is secure, but he just added another chapter with this project. With tip of the spear production, amazing vocal arrangements, and second to none instrumentation, "Praise" is a must for your music collection. Well done Sammy! You make me want to go to church brother!

No-Surf-Sign 3 iTunes.jpg

Soul Steppin' Vol. 2 - Forevermore Music


I only know of one compilation that is going to be released around SOS but boy is it going to be a great one! Chris Biehler of Forevermore Music is preparing to release "Soul Steppin' Vol. 2" and it contains six (yes that's correct folks) songs that are currently on The Beach Music Top 40 including the current #1 smash from Little John Thompson "No Matter (Life Has Never Been Better)". In my very first Inside The Music article (April), I wrote these words: "By teaming up with Forevermore Music and releasing "No Matter (Life Has Never Been Better), Little John has set himself up for, in my opinion, a #1 smash as this song will be heading to the top of all the Beach Music charts! It is that good!". Well folks I don't claim to be Nostradamus, but I know a good song when I hear one! By the way, "No Matter" hit #1 on The Riptide Radio Top 20 this week as well! This song alone is worth the price of this compilation, but wait; there's more! The CD will also include:


"Oh Happy Day" - Sammy O'Banion:  Currently #5 on The Beach Music Top 40

"Big Time Scoop" - Tony Galla: Currently #12 on The Beach Music Top 40 and one of the most played songs at Summer SOS!

"Ordinary Joe" - Molly Askins: Currently #13 on The Beach Music Top 40

"You To Me Are Everything" - Craig Woolard: Currently #19 on The Beach Music Top 40 and recent #1 on Eric Bowman's New Beach Music Countdown!

"My Brother, My Brother" - Russell Thompkins, Jr.


Also included on the CD will be a new masterpiece from the Godfather of Beach Music Jackie Gore entitled "Can't Get You Off My Mind", which will be making it's way on to the Beach Music charts in short order! Featuring the unmistakable vocal of Jackie Gore, and impeccable production from the team at Forevermore Music, this song is a sure fire hit! Watch it climb the charts in the coming months!


By working with some of the most talented artists in the country, and combining it with an impeccable production team, Chris Biehler and Forevermore Music continue to raise the bar for the industry! Folks "Soul Steppin' Vol. 2" is a must for your Beach Music collection! Check your favorite streaming platform in the coming weeks as this project will be available via download only. An interesting, but brilliant strategy in my opinion. A number of the songs will be released as 45's, but there will be no hard copy CD's, so check I Tunes and all the other streaming platforms to download all of these great tunes!!


Well folks that's it for this month. If you are at SOS on the 24th, stop by and say hello to me at Deckerz. I would love to see you there! Also, any artists that want to come by and sing, you are more than welcome! It's going to be a LARGE TIME!


See ya at the beach!