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Mike Brooks - Raleigh/Durham/Richmond




US98.3 FM, Iheart Radio, TuneIn

Request Line:800-663-1983

Mike Brooks (right) with show producer Big Allan "D"

Top 20 / April  2021

1.Blowin' Me Up - Jim Quick & Coastline

2.Get It, Get It - Ms Jody

3.Coolin' Out - Band Of Oz

4.Buzzin' & Swingin' - Jim Quick & Coastline

5.Further Up The Road - The Castaways

6.Drifters Medley - The Entertainers

7.Freight Train - Lomax

8.Something Said Love - Cat 5 Band

9.Hello Stranger - The Main Event Band

10.Start It Up - Rickey Godfrey Band

11.Ain't Nothing Better - Cat 5 Band

12.Who's Gonna Baby You - Rhonda McDaniel,Phil Wilson,Mark Black

13.Call Me - Feature Attraction Band

14.Tequila Little Time - Jon Pardi

15.Sweet Virginia Breeze - Fox & Frazier

16.Since I've Been Loving You - The Embers ft Craig Woolard

17.You've Got Me Dancin' - Gary Alexander

18.Got To Be You - Gary Lowder & Smokin' Hot

19.Extraordinary - Andy Swindell

20.Dusk Til Dawn - The Heaterz

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