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Mitch Harb - Lexington NC


Mitch HarbMitch Harb's Beach Party

July 2023

1--Russell Henry - I Knew God Loved Me
2--Sylvia Johns Ritchie - When I Wish for You
3--Blake Shelton - No Body
4--Explorer Tapes - Texas Time
5--Cate Brothers - Happy Ever After Love
6--Boss Man - Real Good Lover
7--Senders - Satisfy My Soul
8--Deb Browning & The Six Piece Suits - It Don't Get Better Than This
9--Salt Loves Pepper - Love Me Like I Love You
10-Carolina Blue Dots - Your Love
11-Roger Smith - Baby Boomers
12-Johnny Cobb - Straight From The Heart
13-I 42 Band - Beach Fever On My Mind
14-Deb Browning - Think I Found Forever
15-Jerry Powell - One More Summer Night
16-Phil Wilson & Terri Gore - You Got A Friend
17-Roger Smith - Can We Talk It Over
18-Mark May & The Agitators - Joann
19-Holiday Band - Happy Music
20-The Six Piece Suits - That Groove
21-Marlisa Small & Jerry West - Love Really Hurts Without You
22-Bill Lyerly & The Martin Davis Band - Juke Joint Jimmy's
23-Mighty Saints Of Soul FT Johnnie Byrd - Sunshine and You
24-Johnnie Taylor - Real Love
25-J K Loftin ft Sylvia Johns Ritchie - Sick & Tired  

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