Donald Lawhorn - Tampa FL

August 2022

1.  Bloody Mary by Heaterz

2.  Beach and the Boulevard by Cat 5

3.  Biscuits Bacon and The Blues by Moonshine Society 
4.  Cheating on Me by Gary Lowder

5.  Cold heart by Elton John and Dua Lipa

6.  Use to be My Girl by Gary Lowder and Smokin Hot

7.  Bluemonia by Rhonda McDaniel

8.  Breathless by Lesa Hudson

9.  Sunny Days by Lesa Hudson

10.  Birmingham by Blackwater R&B

11.  You are my Treasure by Dr Victor 

12.  Summertime Memories  by Craig Woolard and Tim Cashion 

13.  The Thing About You by Rhonda Mc Daniel

14.  I Got the Feeling by Gary Lowder and Smoking Hot

15.  When you dance by Russell Henry 

16.  Blowin smoke by Teddy Swims 

17.  Macon Memphis and Muscle Shoals by Paul Craver

18.  Stop messing With my Man by Deb Browning

19.  Use me by Teddy Swims

20.  Bobcat Woman by 4 Jacks