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Salem, Va 24153


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May 2021

1. Got To Be You/Dr. Victor

2. A Little More Love/Lesa Hudson & Mike Taylor

3. Start It Up/Rickey Godfrey

4. I Ain't Leaving Mississippi/Jaye Hammer

5. Who's Gonna Baby You/Rhonda McDaniel & Phil Wilson

6  Drifters Medley/Entertainers

7. I Can Change Your Mind/James Hunter Six

8. Coolin' Out/Band Of Oz

9. Buzzin' & Swingin'/Jim Quick

10. Blowin' Me Up/Jim Quick

11. Freight Train/Koffee

12. Dance With Me/Rick Strickland

13. Satisified/Soul Pak

14. You Can't Fall Up/Steve Owens & Summertime

15. Since I've Been Lovin' You/Embers

16. Little Miss Night & Day/Boz Scaggs

17. I Count The Tears/Dana Jones & Bruce Caldwell Project

18. Make It With You/Entertainers

19. The Rest Of Me/Rick Strickland

20. Whispers/R Mark Black

21. Shag Shack/R Mark Black

22. Get It Get It /Ms Jody

23. Lovin' My Blues Away/Deb Browning

24. I Won't Give You Up/Andre' Lee

25. Ain't Nothing Better/Cat 5 Band