Eldridge Meeler - Roxboro   NC

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*Member of ABSCDJ

*Mobile DJ in the Roxboro, NC area

*DJ for area Shag Clubs

August 2022

1. Elton John & Dua Lipa--Cold Heart

2. Teddy Swims --Blowin Smoke

3. The Castaways--Never Found A Man

4.Zac Brown Band--Old Love Song

5. Dr. Victor--Got To Be You

6. The Castaways--Further On Up The Road

7. Deb Browning--Stop Messing With My Man

8. Rickey Godfrey--Start It Up

9. Bo Schronce--Which Way To The Beach

10. R. Mark Black--Whispers

11. Main Event Band--Poor Side of Town

12. Steve Owens & Summertime--You Can't Fall Up

13. Jaye Hammer-- Ain't Leaving Mississippi

14. Band of Oz--Coolin Out

15. Russell Henry--When You Dance

16. Jim Quick and Coastline--Buzzin & Swingin

17. Too Much Sylvia--I Wanna Go Back

18. John G. Franklin--Hey Baby

19. Cat 5--Beach & The Boulevard

20. Mike Taylor & Lesa Hudson--A Little More Love

21. The Uptown Boys--Dancin By The Ocean

22. Mike Taylor--Stay Baby Stay

23. The Heaterz--Dusk Til Dawn

24. Koffee featuring Lomax--Freight Train

25. Al Davis--Them Jeans

26. R. Mark Black--Let Me Make Love To You

27. Cat 5--Want You In My Life

28. Delbert McClinton--One Scotch, One Bourbon, One Beer

29. Andy Swindel & Tidewater Connection--Rock Out Virginia

30. The Main Event Band--Hello Stranger